Thermal insulation of pipes sewage – ways and methods

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The device local sewers in private houses and cottages of today is not a luxury. Homeowners can choose whether to build them a septic tank yourself, or purchase ready to install model sweeping the station. But to the sewer drains are trapped in a septic tank, you need to lay the outer pipe. But that system to work smoothly, you need to perform heat insulation of pipes sewage. Look at how this can be done?

Thermal insulation of exterior sewage pipe

1. do I need insulation?

2. Methods of thermal insulation

2.1. the laying of pipeline depth below freezing

2.2. Thermal insulation with thermal insulation materials

2.3. using the cable that warms

3. How is work on Weatherization tubes?

Content of pipes sewage is not so rare. Especially when it comes to the local sewer system, which uses the residents of one building, i.e. 4-6 people. If the fluid in the pipe freezes, then, firstly, stop the system, as the runoff will not be able to advance on the tube, the way they blocked the ice plug.

And secondly, freezing the liquid expands, and it can lead to the destruction of the pipe, and then the system will require serious repairs, which perform in the winter period will be quite difficult.

And do I need insulation?

Industrial insulated pipes

While studying various sources can be found that the insulation of sewage in a private home to produce is not necessary. Based this assertion on the fact that water, as a rule, have a room or higher temperature. What’s more, almost no standing in the pipes, piping, it drains into the septic tank.

Thermal insulation of pipes sewage – ways and methods

And if the water in the House is not used, the tubes are empty, of course, cannot. However, in practice many had to deal with such a serious setback as pipe. Fix this crash is not easy, especially if through freezing water happened to destruction.

In this case, the repairs have to postpone until spring, and the House actually left without sewers, it is better not hopes to theoretical calculations, and hold the insulation of pipes outside the pipeline.

Advice! Work with the insulation of the pipes should be performed simultaneously with their conclusion.

Methods of thermal insulation

There are three ways to help prevent freezing pipes, sewers:

Laying of pipes sewage at a depth that exceeds the level of soil freezing in this area.

The use of different insulation materials.

Use a cable that warms.

Laying of pipeline depth below freezing

So it was not necessary to perform heat insulation of sewage in the ground, you need to get to the pipe placed 10 cm deeper levels of soil freezing. The output of the seemingly perfect, however, everything is not so simple.

Laying sewerage

First of all, have to make a very large amount of earthworks, trenches for laying pipes and pit under a septic tank. And if necessary, perform the work manually, this is a very serious argument.

Secondly, if the depth of soil freezing 1.5 meters (under the terms of the middle of the Strip), then the minimum depth of the bookmark will be 1.6 m. But the pipe will need to lay out the bias, and quite a long pipe septic tank to 2.5-3 meters, which certainly irrationally.

Thirdly, with a significant tubes are greatly complicated by the repair of the pipeline, especially if you need to hold it in the winter.

Advice! Therefore, this option should choose only if there is an opportunity to do lots of work with special equipment and septic tank allows the installation of a considerable depth.

Insulation by means of thermal insulation materials

Removable cover for insulation of pipes

Simply execute the insulation sewerage using different thermal insulation materials. What materials can I use?

Mineral wool. This is the classic version of the thermal insulating material, however, with the building of sewage it economically impractical. Consumption will be big enough, in addition, be sure to do waterproofing, as well as mineral wool and hygroscopic when wet completely loses its thermal insulation properties.

Polyurethane foam. This material is more suitable for the execution of the external insulation of the pipeline, as it is not afraid of moisture. Polyurethane foam is produced in the form of “shell”, who have the inside of the recess for the pipe. «Shell» couple in the Castle. To work with this material is extremely convenient, it has reasonable price and good performance.

material forming a whole, sealed wrapper, which effectively protects the pipe. The disadvantage of this option is the need to use special equipment. So in private construction this is practically not used.

Foamed polyethylene. Convenient and efficient material for performance of thermal insulation of pipes. Is produced in the form of pipes of different diameter. Is mounted on the site through an incision on the material, then the incision tape.

Advice! There are other thermal insulation materials, such as polymer materials with a protective screen with foil. But for the building of sewage in a private home used rarely because of the high cost.

Use a cable that warms

Modern solutions for performance of thermal insulation of pipes-use a cable that warms. The cable can be laid on top of the pipe or inside it, laying is carried out in a special protective cable channel.

When using Active warming enough to use the minimum depth of trenches-0.5 meters. However, remember that the system will be volatile and the loss of power will not work.

There are two types of cable that warms-normal and self-limiting. The first option is definitely cheaper, but it will warm the pipe on all her over with the same capacity. This leads to the consumption of electrical energy.

Self-limiting cable works cyclically, heating only those areas of the pipes, which have a low temperature. Because of its higher cost quickly pays off more low-maintenance.

Advice! In order to save, you can use the combined method of thermal insulation of pipes. The main pipeline warm insulating materials, and on the most critical areas (for example, at the exit of the House) use several metres of cable that warms.

As produced by the work with the insulation of the pipes?

Carrying out works on external insulation of pipes

Look at how to do installation and insulation of pipes. The work takes place as follows:

Produced by preparing trenches. Quetzals are digging them a width of 60 cm (diameter pipe 110 mm), depth should be 10 cm more than planned. In addition, it is important that the trenches with a slope of 1-2%.

pillows of sand. Is put on the bottom of the trench in the sand (the height of a layer of 10 cm) and well compacted it.

Pipes and connecting elements are laid out along the trench.

Produce performance. As a rule, when building the pipeline, sewer connection is used in the Bell. For the tightness of the connection use sealing cuff and silicone lubricant.

Now you need to put on the pipe insulation and fix it.

Advice! It is important that the insulation is not hung loosely like a trumpet, and was witnessed tightly. For this purpose it is recommended to wrap the pipe with insulation tape. It will serve as an extra guarantee that the material will not shift out-of-place when moving the soil that occur during freezing and thawing of the soil.

At the top of the pipeline again covered with sand, only now tamping sand produced only on the sides of the tube. Over the same pipe sealed with sand is not necessary, because you can accidentally damage it.

The last stage-filling trenches with soil and sprinkle his need to the mound, as the soil be sure to dust over time.

Therefore, the performance of thermal insulation of pipes is the event that not all installers believe mandatory. However, construction of sewage in a private house, it is better not to regret it and perform work with insulation. This event does not require a lot of effort and monetary costs, but will protect owners home from such a serious accident as the content of the external pipe.

How to insulate water pipes, if in the country or in the private, So how is insulation require large-scale earthworks and a pretty big financial expenses, tow is an old but reliable method, Cleaning of sewer pipes ways and methods of carrying out the work. If the water when using the sink of the bathroom slowly goes, Methods for eliminating leaks in damaged areas. At a high level. To conduct repair works this way.

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