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Sectional garage doors are a modern, complex design. Despite this, they are simple and easy to use. Sectional type garage doors are reliable and durable. In order for them to serve their owner for a long time, professional installation and proper operation are necessary.

Typical problems and solutions

The reliability of DoorHan and Alutech sectional gates is undeniable. But, nevertheless, the system is very delicate and can quickly fail. In this case, do not rush to eliminate the breakdown yourself. This is especially true for those owners who are trying to do something without having certain knowledge and skills. Better call the wizard. Thus, you will be able to “kill two birds with one stone” at once, save time and money. Do you understand how the system works? – You can try to fix the problem yourself.

Repair of sectional gates is required if:

1. When moving the canvas, noise or tapping is heard. This can be caused by the ingress of foreign objects, dirt into the moving parts of the system. In addition, uncharacteristic sounds can occur due to wear of hinges and rollers. The problem is solved by removing pollution, stuck debris and replacing non-working elements. Lubrication is also necessary. Such repairs can be done without involving specialists, independently.

2. The gate cloth jams. The reason for this may be the deformation of the guides or the canvas itself. The gate will walk tightly and hang if the torsion springs are too tight. To correct the situation, it is necessary to adjust the tension of the springs. Sometimes you may additionally need to replace the rollers and hinges.

3. The gates do not open. Usually this is due to the breakage of the torsion spring, the cable. To resume the system, you need to replace the broken spare part. The gate will not open even if the electric drive breaks. It is not repairable, so it requires replacement.

The gearbox, drum or shaft does not work. The problem is solved by replacing the broken part.

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