How get rid of mold on wood

Many people suffer from the problem of mold in the cold winter, when rain and snow walls exposed to moisture due to enter the large proportion of water, and the lack of heat and sunlight enough to warm it and help it to dry and mildew on the walls and gradually moving to the furniture and wood. May lead to mold damage furniture if not treated quickly and effectively, the person finding radical solutions to this problem, it may lead to damage to health as well as allergies or asthma as a result of inhaling the smell of mildew.

Ways to get rid of mold on wood

Clean the damaged wood

Remove mildew from furniture and surrounding area as walls, floors, and Windows must be opened first before you start, you are advised to wait for dry rot on the furniture, it’s wet and slippery at first making it difficult to remove, and mold is removed by the swab a piece of dry cloth, you must put the muzzle and gloves if possible to avoid inhalation or contact.

How get rid of mold on wood

Buy a special cleaner to remove mold on furniture, purchased from stores sell cleaning tools or construction, and experience the cleaner on a small piece of wood to note any interactions or side effects.

Start by cleaning using simple cleanser and unfocused, and move to strong detergents if not the first, and is used by placing it on a cloth and wipe the affected area with mold.

Use the detergent hypax in the absence of any particular mold cleaner, this is done by putting the lotion Cup hypax in a bucket full of warm water, and then do a cloth wet in and cleared the area covered by the mold.

Put the piece of wood or wooden furniture in place to connect the Sun if possible, even mold disappears inside the wood, sunlight you dry the mold and get rid of it.

Prevention of mold

Paint the walls of the House with a special quality of paint work on resistance to mold, or facilitate the process of cleaning it if it spread on the walls, are buying these types of places selling paint.

Spray the walls with a special material to fight mold and prevent it to avoid appearing in winter.

Ventilate the House in winter, mold spreads wet environment without sunlight and air.

Heating the rooms well in cold days to keep the hottest walls which may prevent mold.

Cover the roof with a layer of asphalt; it insulate the cold, plus it prevents entry of large amounts of water and moisture inside walls.

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