General cleaning of the house: a step-by-step algorithm

General cleaning of the house: a step-by-step algorithm

Restoring order and maintaining cleanliness in the house is the main task of every housewife. Several times a year, it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning of the dwelling, including washing windows and heating batteries, cleaning ventilation systems and more. So that the process does not drag on for long hours, and the result of cleaning the house pleased the hostess, it is important to think in advance about all the stages of work and their sequence.

Drawing up a detailed cleaning plan

Before starting the spring cleaning, it is important to prepare a detailed plan. A clear definition of the sequence of work will save time and effort. A well-thought-out algorithm of actions will help not to be distracted by trifles already in the process of cleaning the apartment.

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Preparation of cleaning products and necessary equipment

Thanks to properly selected tools and chemical compositions for cleaning, cleaning will be faster and will be more effective. In the process of work, you may need:

bags for garbage storage;
hard brushes to remove old stains, clean plumbing;
broom with scoop;
vacuum cleaner;
mop and bucket of water;
steam cleaner;
wipes for cleaning surfaces from dust;
disinfectants for the bathroom and kitchen;
polishes for different types of materials (wood, tiles, glass, etc.).

To clean the screens of technology, special wipes without alcohol content are often used.

How to start cleaning

Do not proceed to wet cleaning of surfaces, if clothes are scattered in the house, there are rubble in the cabinets, and there is a mountain of unwashed dishes in the kitchen. It is better to proceed to general cleaning after careful preparation of the dwelling.

Before starting dry and wet cleaning of the apartment, it is recommended:

dismantle littered cabinets and throw away unnecessary items of clothing;
put all things in their places;
wash the dishes;
remove bed linen and wash pillows, blankets;
wipe chandeliers, all overhead light;
knock out and, if necessary, wash the mats;
remove curtains and curtains, wipe the cornices.

It is important to observe the entire algorithm of cleaning, planned in advance. It is better to start cleaning the house from the farthest room. Experienced housewives always start cleaning from the bedroom and living room, and then move on to the kitchen and bathrooms. Wet cleaning is carried out only after dry cleaning. First, the upper cabinets and shelves are cleaned, then the floors are removed.

Window cleaning

To clean the glasses and mirrors, you can use special detergents or a regular soap solution. The composition is applied to the surface and then removed with clean water. Windows are wiped with dry wipes. It is better to use microfiber. You can remove stains using a regular newspaper. With a crumpled piece of paper, the remaining stains and stains are wiped out.

Wet wall cleaning

To clean the walls from dust and dirt, it is necessary to remove all paintings, souvenirs, photographs, etc. Next, through a damp cloth or an old towel, you should walk along the surface of the walls. You can use a mop. For the processing of textile or paper wallpaper, this method of cleaning is not suitable. Such surfaces are cleaned with special erasers or dry wipes.

We clean furniture

When carrying out general cleaning, it is necessary to clean both cabinet and upholstered furniture. Thanks to simple recommendations, you can quickly and efficiently clean all pieces of furniture in the apartment:

start wiping the dust from the upper shelves of the cabinets, gradually moving down;
clean upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner and nozzles;
to clean leather pieces of furniture use a special chemical composition;
clean the mattresses from dust on both sides.

When carrying out general cleaning, some housewives use such a service as dry cleaning of furniture. Specialists quickly and efficiently clean contaminated interior items.

To extend the service life of cabinets and chests of drawers, you can use special polishes. Wax compounds protect surfaces from scratches and scuffs. Faded areas of furniture or stains are tinted with special preparations.

Floor cleaning

After thorough cleaning of furniture, proceed to washing the floors. Here you need to consider the following points:

to increase the effectiveness of the fight against bacteria and dangerous microorganisms, detergent should be added to a bucket of water;

before starting to wash, it is better to clean the flooring with a vacuum cleaner or broom. Dried stains and dirt in the kitchen must be pre-soaked;

first, the far corners of the room are washed out, then the middle and at the end the surface near the exit.
For high-quality floor cleaning, it is better to drive a mop with a “figure of eight”. So the dirt is collected in the center and not pulled around the edges. Wash the rag every 2 square meters of washing.

To remove unpleasant odors from the flooring, a few tablespoons of vinegar can be added to a bucket of water. Many housewives when washing floors use laundry soap, which disinfects the surface and gives it a slight shine.

Final stage

At the last stage of cleaning the home, washed curtains and curtains are hung, bed linen is changed, covers and capes on furniture are returned to their place. Broken mats are spread out on the floor. The final point in the general cleaning is a thorough ventilation of all rooms.

How often it is necessary to resort to general cleaning

Most often, general cleaning is carried out every three months. If small children, the elderly or allergy sufferers live in the apartment, then a thorough cleaning of the dwelling should be carried out more often. It is possible to reduce the frequency of such activities when carrying out systematic supportive cleaning.

If there is no time or effort to restore general order, then you can use the services of specialists. Experienced cleaners will quickly and efficiently clean and disinfect the home, using environmentally friendly detergents and professional equipment.

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