More than 30 vacancies for jobs in Gulf

Attractions to earn tax-free compensation with peaceful lifestyle is more than enough to make bright professionals towards the Gulf. Gulf jobs attract large number of experience each year while the Gulf regions, U.A.E. and Middle East region have become favorite targets of different peoples.

Access to jobs in the Gulf region in all industries, such as manufacturing and production, oil and gas, travel, tourism, medical care and nursing care, hospitality and aviation and many others. And increasing jobs in manufacturing and production units and increased product demand also increases from professionals and experts in the fields of employment.

According to the town of Bahrain, Bahrain is “Centre” in the manufacturing sector. Design as Bahrain investment Wharf (Marsa), Bahrain international investment (PEP) the industrial industry grows more 7,700,000,000 dollars.

New project for the Gulf region to boost steel production will bring a significant improvement in the Gulf region. This project will increase according to experts the capacity of producing 250 per cent. Gulf steel will add 400 1000 tonnes per annum (TPA) of existing productions. Steel Bay is a branch of victory industrial companies Ltd (ANIE), which is also releasing a new steel rolling project in musaffah. Why will expand the production capacity to 550 1000 tons per year. . ANIE also is employing more than 200 employees for future projects
In the field of production and production processes, jobs in Gulf as follows:

Production Manager
Plant Manager
Managing the process
Warehouse Manager
Technical development manager
Creative Director
Department of engineering machinery
Production supervisor
Floor supervisor
Production foreman
Production controller
Production engineer
Production performance engineer

Support engineer
Industrial engineering
Electrical engineer
Measurement engineer
New services development engineer
Process engineer
Chemical/petrochemical engineer
Civil engineer
Processing engineer
Production technician
Production consultant supervisor
Assistant Planner
Assistant area coordinator
Print operator
Field operator
Operator panel
Shift supervisor
CNC programmers
Mechanic ITI
Quarry engineer and many more
If you want to work in Gulf countries, must have the skills of a network of friendships just increase your contacts to help him as a reference for employers from the Gulf region. CV is the sword most of the applicants who meet the requirements on the ground. So, first make your CV CVS professional jobs in the Gulf.

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