Fraudulent transactions with housing

Now the real estate market is growing rapidly. For the purpose of sale of one side will need to collect the necessary amount of money and the other to issue documents. However, among the persons concerned are scammers. Con artists use various methods of fraud.

So, one of the common fraud is the intentional creation of such a treaty, in which the rights of citizens living in this apartment will be violated. The most elementary example: spouse tries to sell the marital apartment privatized without the approval of his wife. In this situation, the wife has the right to recognize this contract void.

You also need to beware of false documents at the apartment. In this case, the property is a set of fake documents. Housing is sold at auction, the new owner is celebrating the settlement, and after some time the true owner appears. In such a situation, as a rule, the Court will be on his side, and the buyer can only keep silent so as not to be involved in the document forgery.

Mortgages secured by existing housing the nuances of design

Sometimes there are these types of scams when one apartment immediately offered several applicants for the purchase. This is done in the following way: the mediator illegally immediately acquires several sets of documentation required for the sale. Documents available in different parts of the city, at the same time put on the auction block. Which is at the same time, several contracts for the purchase and sale of one apartment. So, the conciliator receives the money from the buyers and quickly disappears. Until the new owners will be, who of them was the first trail of the scammer.

It also happens that a buyer who has paid money for the apartment, still without it. This happens if he agrees to the previous owner of the delay of departure from the apartment, but has not yet signed the Treaty. Then the seller can simply deny that received money from the buyer.

Real estate fraud widespread even amongst retailers. Suppose a person wants to move to more spacious apartment. Real estate company gives him the best option. She then buys a House, but the money does not return the executed contract for “improving”. The tenant was settled into a new apartment and reported that the difference in the money it will pay after will live in it for a while. The winner of the trusty new apartment begins to realize that he is not the boss, but just an employer. It follows that the scammers have removed habitation at the time. The best option will more deceived the worst housing. But if such an agreement was concluded with the individual, then you can stay without money and without flats. So, to avoid fraud in real estate transactions, it is best to contact a reliable and proven Realtors firm.

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