Error codes related to the inflow and discharge of water

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Information codes E10 and E11 mean that the washing machine does not receive water, or the time allotted by the program to fill the tank has been exceeded. The simplest causes of such errors can be turning off the water in the house or accidentally closing the tap to supply water to the installation.

If, after checking the water pressure, the machine still cannot start washing, you should inspect the filling hose and the filter located at the place of attachment of the hose to the washing machine, remove the blockages. The hose may bend, then it should be straightened.

If the washing machine collects water and immediately drains it, the problem may be its improper connection to the sewer. The place where the drain hose connects to the sewer must be higher than the tank of the washing machine, otherwise spontaneous draining will occur.

More serious malfunctions in the work that will require a call to a specialist are malfunctions of the filling valve (it can be jammed in the closed position, which is also indicated by the error code EC1) or failures in the operation of the control module.

error codes SAMSUNG washing machine

The unit displays the code E13 on the scoreboard when water seeps into the tray of the washing machine. The cause of the problem may be depressurization of hoses and their connections, violation of the integrity of the tank.

Error codes E20, E21 and EF0, EF1 indicate violations in the drain of water from the washing machine. The causes of the malfunction can be:

clogging in the drain hose, filter protecting the pump, or in the sewer;
malfunction of the drain pump;
Failures in the operation of the control module.

First of all, check the drain hose and filter for clogs. The hose is disconnected from the washing machine and pipe, washed with running water or cleaned with a special cable. The filter is also easy to check on its own – it is usually hidden behind a door located at the bottom of the front panel of the washing machine. Sometimes draining is difficult due to blockages in the sewer. A sign of obstruction of the pipes will be the slow leakage of water from the sink or bathroom.

If after the manipulations the error does not disappear, you need to call a specialist to inspect the drain pump and check the control module.

Information codes E23 and E24 indicate a malfunction of the simister controlling the drain pump, or a violation of the contacts between the simistro and the pump. In both cases, the water will not be drained.

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