Effective means to combat cockroaches

Effective means to combat cockroaches
If the consistency of the venom is liquid, gel-like or it is sprayed, you need to treat the areas in which you saw the most insects and the intended nests:

Skirting boards
Under the sinks and bath
Behind the fridge
Near sockets
In dark corners and under cabinets
In kitchen appliances
Next to the garbage can
Wherever it is warm, there is access to moisture and food.

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Before processing, check all containers and cans of food, hide food, clean, wipe dry the sink and bath.

Cockroaches very quickly develop immunity to any means. If getting rid of insects forever does not work, change the drugs. To do this, carefully read the composition and find the active substance. It should change.

Cockroaches that appear in the house always cause a lot of problems, which is why you need to get rid of them immediately. Today in stores you can see various household preparations for insects that are used at home. But what is the most effective remedy for cockroaches, and also what should be guided by when choosing?

How to choose an effective remedy for cockroaches

When choosing a remedy for cockroaches, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria.

Efficiency. Perhaps this is the most important parameter of any remedy for cockroaches. Often the cheapest and easiest to use drugs are ineffective. For example, ultrasonic repellents will not be able to get rid of parasites, they will only make arthropods bypass your home for a while.

Speed of impact. Quite often, many people are guided by this criterion, because everyone wants to get rid of insects as quickly as possible. However, the best fast-acting poison is not always safe for health.

Security. Particular attention should be paid to this parameter in the event that there are small children and pets in the house.

Easy to use. The use of baits and various traps takes some time, which not everyone is ready to spend while fighting cockroaches. That is why many choose aerosols that are easy to use.

Cost. In this case, you should not choose a remedy for cockroaches, which have a low price. As a rule, such products are ineffective.

Study user reviews – collect information on the Internet, find out how your friends and acquaintances fight cockroaches.

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