How to connect to Internet via WiFi

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How to connect to Internet via WiFi?,Can connect to the Internet and WiFi provided that your computer has access to the card or wireless adapter and access point coverage, whether private or paid or free.

Conditions necessary for Internet connection by Wi-Fi

Once you have a laptop or Wi-Fi technology compatible with static or integrate a WiFi network, we can connect to the Internet through the Internet with Wi-Fi, free router provided by your Internet service provider (ISP) or an access point or pay. Note that the effectiveness of the WiFi card can be powered by a detachable antenna reception better and better productivity. On the other hand, it is also possible to connect to the WiFi Internet with wireless adapter can be a PCMCIA card, CompactFlash card or a USB key, among others. In addition, in order to access the correct connection, you need to find an access point. To do this, it is advisable to consult the “Guide to wireless link” which broadcasts the majority of hotspots (more commonly called terminals). This guide is one of the search engine and the WiFi connection most commonly used, and it’s available for download.

Access to Internet via WiFi with a private connection

Internet wireless connection is possible from the moment where there’s perfect computer. In addition, you must install a wireless home network will be connected to the modem. Preferably, we recommend that you opt for broadband in order to enjoy optimal communication. WiFi connection is relatively simple. Once the computer is turned on, it activates the Wifi interface and click on “connect”, while the corresponding network ID or SSID. Window then appears and asks for the encryption key, protection to prevent unauthorized users connect. In fact, without the latter, anyone within range of a wireless router can be connected to a computer and Internet access. In order to prevent this harm, it is recommended that you choose the 128-bit WPA key ensures optimum safety.

Internet access WiFi with cluster communication

Bundled WiFi connection possibility for inhabitants of areas not covered by WiMAX, or cable and let alone the ADSL to form an entity participating in a neighbouring town covered by Adsl broadband. Thanks to this source and after the approval of the local authorities, will implement a series of relay in the destination area. On the other hand, who had originally requested are required to pay a monthly fee to cover the costs of participation. They have their own user name and password to connect to the Internet and WiFi safely.

Free access to wireless Internet

Stations and Wi-Fi high speed, making it available for each connection. Already, you can begin by invoking the connectivity of networks for a neighbor or someone which is located in the vicinity of a wireless network in your home is not protected by the encryption key. So Internet access Wi-Fi automatically once you click the Connect button to validate this process. Otherwise, I found more public places that provide free Wi-Fi, such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, business centers, airports, stations, etc. Thanks to these stations free, click on “connect” to access the Internet. No need to enter an encryption key with the system because everyone can use freely. However, it was noted that the scope of wireless stations depends on the criteria used, but theory, and one that has a greater range of Interior and exterior. In practice, it is possible to link high-speed 11 Mbps (actual 6 Mbps) over a range of several tens of meters indoor (20-50 metres) to several hundreds of meters away.

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