How to buy a home with no credit

Many people wonder how to buy a house without credit. Currently, many citizens distrustful of banks and do not have sufficient confidence in the well-being of the economy for a loan to a Bank and having to pay a mortgage. This is a trend increasingly apparent. Nothing less that 60% of the houses were bought without credit. Is it possible this? What to do to buy a flat, apartment, Villa or whatever without asking for credit?

In this post we will give the most common ways people following to buy houses without a loan. You will see that it is not always something that is at the height of the possibilities around the world, but if you have money saved, and you’re looking for where to invest, you should consider purchasing a flat or House without having to apply for loans. Let’s see.

I want to buy a house without credit, what can I do?

People increasingly trust less in mortgage and, after the housing crisis, the banks are not so crazy to offer 100% financing. How to buy you a House, then? There are several methods.

Pay with cash. It is what many Russian, American, English, Arab, Chinese tycoons are doing… They always wanted to have a house, as they have money, decide that the best way to buy a property is paying directly in cash, i.e., at the time. But this option is no longer only the usual large fortunes that come to looking for a House on the beach. Also buyers who prefer to pay directly prior to incurring debt.

Recourse to loans from developers. You may not want to ask for a credit from a Bank, but if you’re willing to ask for it to a developer to build a House on land. In such a case, the promoters get financing for self-construction of a House, if you have guarantees, a project of work, budget Town Hall license and a construction company to build on your land.

Rent with option to purchase (leasing). It is another method that exist to buy a house without credit. You start paying as if it were a car, say, €500 per month. You spend 10 years living there. In total, would have paid €60,000, which is a more or less economic, but without having to go into debt to the Bank and paying only to the owner.

How to buy a home with no credit

Go to auction houses. Another option for buying a house without asking for credit the Bank is… buying it directly from the Bank. In Spain there are many people who have a mortgage and are unable to pay. Accordingly, the Bank can seize the House. Many of these houses are no longer profitable for banks and are publicly auctioned at a more attractive than the market price; that way, the Bank disposes of the property and recover the remainder of the mortgage receivable. Other houses are given to the rent and others are put on sale, although unsuccessfully. Go to auctions to buy a House is an attractive option.

Buy a home by barter. It is what is known as a swap of homes. You bring a House with an appraisal similar to what you want to buy and in return receive another. This is very useful when you go to change city and find someone who wants to come to where you’re living. Also has been used barter when you can not pay the mortgage on your House; you change it by another with one lower price if you can pay. These are the most common ways of buying a house without credit. and once you’ve bought a house without credit.

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