Installing the hob

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Installing the hob

Built-in appliances are not uncommon in the modern kitchen . It is difficult to overestimate – the ability to save valuable space , ergonomics and design conciseness , and many other features make the purchase of kitchen equipment is very desirable. All these advantages can rightly be attributed to the installation of the hob . It is easy to care for as glass-ceramic is easy to clean , and the appearance is different nobility and  spare parts.

Work on installing the hob

The cooktop is built -in furniture
Connecting the power cable
operability test

Features selection and installation of hobs

Hob – is a flat surface of various materials , installed in the countertop , like the kitchen sink .

Materials of construction for hobs, are different. These are: glass ceramics, acrylic , stainless steel, aluminum , enameled metal surfaces. Each material advantages and disadvantages. Recently, a special distribution and love received from the glass-ceramic cooktops and tempered glass ( Plexiglas ) . Plexiglas is rapidly heated and often equipped with a touch screen , glass is quite taxing to maintain, but requires caution , because the patched surface is easy to scratch and ruin the bulk items .

InfiSight hob: probably the easiest and quickest installation
Distinguish between gas, electric and combined hobs . It is necessary to explain the principle of the latter – in the combined hobs combined gas and electric ring stove , which is very convenient if the house is connected to the gas supply .

Also, the cooking surfaces are divided into dependent and independent , this dependence – dependence on the oven. Independent panels have a system of governance, and the dependent will make it compulsory oven , as the control panel is located on it.

Self installation of the hob

Installing the hob , even a professional electrician should be in strict accordance with instructions. But do not think that the manufacturer gives it detailed installation instructions , as yet it is written for specialists. Despite the apparent simplicity of the design , supply and installation hob requires the skills of a qualified electrician .

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