How to care for and clean aluminum utensils

How to care for and clean aluminum utensils

Aluminium is a material widely used in kitchen utensils. Let’s see how to keep them clean and care with these tips.

Aluminum cookware

Elements and aluminum cookware are mostly used in the kitchens. It’s lightweight and convenient, elements that are heated and cooled faster than other metals and alloys. However, it is also delicate elements, which can stain and dent with simple JABs, or own use.

Cleaning and care of aluminum utensils

Utensils and new elements in aluminium look spotless, bright and very colorful. For cleaning, simply rub with a sponge soaked in warm water and soap, proper rinsing, and drying with clean soft fibres cloth, to remove stains characteristics of evaporated water. They can be stored, virtually anywhere in the home, for its high resistance to extreme climates.

Using aluminum cookware and elements, avoid hitting them with other utensils or let them fall. Avoid scraping them with metallic sponges, corrosive or astringent elements, and also aims not to drag elements with sharp or sharp-pointed, as they may mark or alter the surfaces.

How to restore the gloss on aluminum

But when we are giving them use they are losing that shine. The inside of the pans and waves tends to darken, while the exterior loses the showy appearance. Therefore, we can give a thorough cleaning to aluminum with this technique.

Start washing properly all the elements of aluminium, with lukewarm or warm water and soap. After rinsing, wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth. To expedite the task, you perform an action in line with all the elements of household aluminum, once every three to four months, or regularly so wish.

In a glass container, and using gloves of latex, etc, or the security features you need (depending on your sensitivity to products), mix a liter of water with a tablespoon of cream of tartar, of vinegar (preferably: white alcohol) or fresh lemon juice. These quantities are related, because they must be sufficient to fill the Pan capacity or for dipping items and utensils. You can also prepare it in buckets or basins, depending on the amount required.

Then fill the pan to clean. Take advantage to place inside the aluminum cookware, if necessary. Then, take pan fire, between slow and medium, until boil. Let boiling for 10 minutes, seeing only the inside of the pot which becomes more and more bright and clean. Then remove from the heat and left to cool naturally.


When the water is cold, remove it and rub inside the pot (or elements) with a sponge of aluminum or stainless steel, strongly although they are smooth, without too much pressure. When you rub, make moves linear, vertical or horizontal, but not circular, you could mark the surface of the pot.

You can complement the cleaning of aluminum cookware sprinkle with baking soda before rubbing. Terminates the task by washing with warm water and soap, then drying so that in this way, your items and utensils are as new.