How to choose the floorboard

How to choose the floorboard

How to choose the floorboard

Flooring – flooring made ​​of natural wood , which appeared recently , becoming an excellent alternative to block parquet . This invention has been patented by a Swedish company Tarkett in the 40- ies of the last century. Now flooring is gaining popularity  , so I think we should look closely at this cover closely.

The structure of the floorboard

Flooring has a multilayer structure. It consists of at least three layers bonded together wood. The upper layer is made of fine wood. Commonly used traditional oak, beech , maple , walnut, birch, cherry and exotic – wenge, jatoba , teak, merbau, acacia, Doussie . The thickness of this layer depends on the floorboard longevity : the thicker it is, the more it will stand resurfacing .

The middle layer consists of a short glued slats of pine wood or solid plates – HDF. Lower usually made ​​of spruce plywood 2 mm.

Feature floorboard manufacturing technology is that the layers are glued together so that the wood fibers of each subsequent layer of fibers oriented perpendicular to the previous timber . This is necessary in order to neutralize the ramps board as a whole with temperature and humidity fluctuations .

Dimensions floorboard

Standard sizes floorboard – from 2 to 2.5 meters in length, 20 cm in width and thickness – from 7 to 26 mm . The upper layer may have different thicknesses , the than it is thicker , more durable flooring is .

Wall thickness of 7 mm has a top layer of veneer and asking sanding . 10- millimeter flooring has a wear layer of wood cut to a thickness of 2.5 mm.

The most commonly used board 13-15 mm ( working layer up to 4 mm ) . They can be installed in residential premises and in public . At the floorboard 20 mm thick top layer is 6 mm . Such coatings are recommended for public spaces.

How to choose the floorboard

22 millimeter boards are designed for installation on the joists in residential and public buildings. Working layer with a floorboard is 4 mm . The inner layer is made of their high density fiberboard (HDF). The bottom layer – spruce plywood or oak.

25mm flooring over 22 mm has a structure having an increased resistance of the dynamic load. Work layer – 6 mm. It is intended for installation on joists or on the subfloor , especially in public areas .

Laying wood flooring

Flooring can be laid on the joists (used in old houses – laying on the beam or on a pre -laid plywood ), and onto the concrete floor , which previously needed to tie .

There are two main ways of installing floorboards : glue and swimming . Adhesive bonding method involves the base boards . Now more and more popular way of gaining a floating , as this installation is quick and easy. Boards are attached to the base, and just put on a special thin substrate and interconnected , pasting ridge in the groove or on a special ” castle ” link.

Advantages of wood flooring

Floorboards are often compared with laminate flooring, as both of these coatings are multilayered structure . The main advantage to laminate wood flooring is that it is an environmentally friendly material , no imitation – a real wood floor.

An important advantage of the floorboard experts call the ease of installation. Boards just fit together, their length customize  room , cutting off a special saw. The side and end faces are pins and recesses for assembly between them, thus due to manufacturing accuracy achieved rigid connection boards without proscales on the front side .

Furthermore, parquet planks , unlike parquet sold already polished and coated with lacquer or oil. They do not require either scraping or any other further treatment.

Wooden boards can solve the interior space in any music style. To use wood veneer top of different breeds , various combinations of which help to create an original design. In addition, the floorboard can overwrite black or white oil , which are in completely different ways show the structure of the tree.

There are various options for drawing the floorboard , ” deck ” ( two-, three-way ), ” Christmas tree “, ” braid “, etc. Very popular now Plank .