Cat house ways to create a cozy place for an animal

Cat house ways to create a cozy place for an animal

Each cat needs a specially equipped place for her, where she can lie, sharpen her claws or play. Many buy a simple bed, where the pet will sleep, but more and more owners are trying to install the original design. Some prefer to buy a ready-made version, but increasingly the owners want to make a house for cats with their own hands to fill it with the necessary details and create a design corresponding to the interior.

The main purpose of the houses for cats: what functions they perform

Everyone is used to cats as pets, but still they have a lot of predators. For example, they need to hide and hunt, even if the role of prey are the legs of the owner, but this is how the wild past of the cat family manifests itself. Cats’ houses primarily serve as a shelter, that is, places where the pet can retire and hide from the rest of the occupants of the house. In addition, the buildings perform other functions:

Observation. Most domestic cats like to occupy the highest place in the room, from where they can observe the situation in the apartment.
Protective. The house serves as a cozy, closed place where the animal feels safe.

Cat house ways to create a cozy place for an animal

Game. If you equip the design with a claw, ribbons, tunnels or other game accessories, the pet will not heal, and will strive for constant movement.
Useful advice! A well-designed house, full of pleasant materials, will be a cozy and warm place where the kitten will be able to lie down and sleep, while you do not need to constantly use for this purpose sofas, chairs or beds.

Before you make a cat house with your own hands, you need to consider some recommendations:

Its parameters should correspond to the size of a pet. It is necessary that the animal freely passed into the hole and at the same time had the opportunity to be conveniently placed inside the structure. But don’t make the shelter too big.

You need to choose natural materials for finishing. Most often, game houses for cats are made of wood, cardboard, felt or wool. Artificial materials, such as plastic, over-electrify the wool, which causes some discomfort in the animal.

To choose a convenient location. If you settle the animal near “loud” items of technology: TV, music center, etc. – he will either not use the structure, or will be under constant stress.

Give preference to warm places where there are no drafts. Do not choose a place under the heating battery, window or window sill. To accommodate the animal is recommended to arrange a place as remote as possible from the door or aisle.

If you follow the advice of veterinarians, the best place to install a booth for the cat will be the far corner, located diagonally from the entrance to the room, or the opposite entrance wall. It is very important to take into account the air performance in the room where the animal lives: first, the air should be fairly humid, secondly, the room should not be too hot.

Other options to consider when creating a cat house

If you want to get the perfect result, before you make a house for the cat with their own hands, you should study the habits of the animal and its character as much as possible. For example, if a cat likes to play, then a lot of attention should be paid to hanging devices for games. An animal that prefers to lie down or sleep for a long time will prefer a soft litter with high sides.

Important! Regardless of breed, character or habits, each cat will sharpen its claws, even if they are regularly cut. Therefore, in most cases, you will need to organize both a house and a cat’s claws. Thus, it will be possible to keep in integrity furniture, corners, as well as to save their own nerves, because no one will like to watch how the pet spoils things after repair.

After you can deal with the habits and mood of the animal, you can start to think through the basic elements of the design. First of all, makeshift houses for cats are supplemented with accessories that promote physical activity.

Playful pets need to have a place that allows them to splash out energy, run, dip in and not be punished by the owner. To do this, next to the main covered dwelling is advised to fix different heights pillars, entwined with string, the tops of which decorate small countertops for jumping. At the same time, you can make game complexes for cats with their own hands or buy a finished design in a pet store. However, it should be taken into account that the price of complex structures can reach several tens of thousands of rubles.

The cat will be much safer in the house, equipped with a back door. Apartment dwellers, like wild cats, love to hunt. It is important for the animal to be able to change the place where it hides. For example, if we are talking about a cat with kittens, it may feel some danger, so begins to take away the offspring through an additional move, which is associated with the instincts of self-preservation.

The size of the house for the cat should be chosen not by the eye, but based on the parameters of the animal. If the design is made for the kitten, you need to understand that it will not pass and 6-8 months, as it will become a large adult cat. In general, when it comes to choosing the size of a cat house, you should pay attention to these recommendations:

An animal of medium build will fit an entrance hole with a diameter of 15-20 cm;

sleeping is recommended to be made in the form of a cube, the edge of which is equal to 40 cm;
beds, countertops and other utensils should correspond to the size of the animal;

The height of the lowest-located shelf should be equal to the height of the pet, which stands on the hind legs.
Much attention should also be paid to the creation of a cone, which is recommended to equip any type of design. First of all, you need to choose to make a durable material that can well withstand the onslaught of animals. The design should be installed so that the pet can get to the product from any angle. The minimum height of the house for a cat with a claw, depending on the height of the animal, should not be less than 60 cm.

How to think about the design of a house for a cat depending on the features of the animal
Veterinarians recommend when choosing the type of design for the cat house created by their own hands to pay attention to such parameters:

Physical capabilities
Cat or cat, who like to hide for sleep in a closet, wrapped in a bedspread on the couch or hide in pillows, more happy to the most closed house with a roof. For a pet who prefers to sleep a warm battery, laptop keyboard or other heated technique, it is better to choose a house-pipe suspended over the battery, or a wool-covered sunbed. For an animal who likes to sleep on a sofa, bed or chair, it is advised to build a small towering sunbed or a small cat sofa.

Cats with playful character meet at any age, because not only kittens love to play a lot. If the animal has a playful character, most likely it likes to hunt. In this case, the house for the cat should differ significantly high, so that the animal had a good view.

When the cat often acquires offspring, it is better to give preference to tiered designs. Thus, the upper floors of the mother will be able to use as a viewing platform, and the lower house for kittens will become a reliable cover. Later from the height of the mother cat will be able to calmly watch the games of the cubs and in case of danger to attack a potential enemy. It is also better if the house of the cat mother with the cubs will not be in a large open space, where they will constantly feel discomfort.

Before you make a house for the cat with their own hands, you need to take into account the condition of the animal. When the cat is already elderly or injured, it is necessary to give preference to constructions with a removable top and an enlarged bed. Sometimes a sick animal may need additional heating, which is often served by a heating pad. A poor walking cat should be able to eat and go to the toilet near the main shelter. In this case, it is better to sew a sunbed with a disposable diaper or put a flannel glue under the cloth diaper.

Important! If a street cat has brought an infectious disease into the house, it is necessary to disinfect. Textile items are sure to wash at maximum temperature and iron, and the rest of the surfaces to process from a steam generator or clean with special solutions.

Recommendations for choosing a house for cats
Before you start making a house, it is worth reading the recommendations to determine its design.

Often blind cats or pets with reduced vision are afraid of closed cat houses and prefer to spend time on well-lit surfaces, such as a window sill or balcony. It is important for them to sleep in the most illuminated room.
Fans climb the top, it is better to pick up a structure consisting of hanging shelves, or to construct a booth with a high-seated upper platform.
Castrated cats are often very clumsy and overweight, they will not climb on high and unstable structures, so it is better to design an floor version of the house, which is installed in the corner. In this case, you can supplement the structure with a wide and strong staircase.

Cat house with their own hands is better to make from natural, but sustainable materials that will not harm either the animal or other residents of the house. Cats often in the course of the game like to try on the tooth surrounding surfaces, to fight them with claws, which then lick their tongue. In this case, small particles often get into the digestive tract of the animal, which is why it is not necessary to make beds from dangerous artificial materials.

Article on the topic:

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Its features and purpose. Types of pet designs, their advantages, tips on choosing and making with their own hands.

If a soft house for a cat is made of foam, it should be placed inside a removable case, which from time to time should be washed in a typewriter at high temperatures. It is important that inside the house there are no unpleasant sharp smells, because they often say about the presence of harmful dyeing products in the materials, which can cause exacerbation of allergic reactions.

If in the apartment or house live at once two cats of different ages, especially when the elder shows aggression towards the younger animal, it is better to make a house for the cat with a high platform. Then the kitten will be able to hide from the less mobile older cat..

Cat house with their own hands: the main types of designs

If you go to any pet store, you can pay attention to a large variety of houses for cats: braided, rigid, soft, solid and disassembled, floor and hinged. Some models have such intricate design that it is not immediately clear that it is a dwelling for a pet, because the design is an integral part of the interior. Many of the products presented on the shelves of stores can be constructed independently from improvised means, which are often dusted in any apartment. The most common materials for making a cat house with their own hands:

Cardboard boxes;
Pieces of fabric
Remnants of the carpet;
a vine or a rattan;
A tree

If you consider the photos of houses for cats, you can pay attention to the fact that the great popularity are simple hammocks, which are fixed in any convenient place and if necessary move. The attachment is mainly due to buttons, Velcro, loops, ties or carbines, holding the structure from four corners. In this case, you can perform the product in two versions:

To make a soft house for a cat with your own hands, you do not need to perform a solid base. The design is a classic hammock that is stretched between the supports. The product can be fixed between the legs of a table, a chair or in the corner of the room. A significant advantage of the suspension design is the saving of space, because you do not need to use the useful area of the room.

A hard-core hammock is usually fixed a little higher, but the principle remains the same. Before you make a house for a cat of such a plan, you need to take into account that a weakened, sick or too fat animal will be difficult to get inside.

The easiest way to organize a cat’s place in the house is to make a floor bed, which is a square, rectangular or oval soft structure with low sides. In general, in order to sew a house for a cat with their own hands, you will need only foam and fabric, used as a case. In addition to the standard forms, you can think of a sunbed in the form of a basket, a heart or even a flower, which will be a great addition to the surrounding interior.

An interesting and convenient option is considered a cat box, suitable for placing several animals at the same time. It is appropriate to place such a house for cats on the street or indoors. Depending on the location of the installation, only the material used should change, but the design itself is done on a similar basis. The roof is made flat or with a slight slope. If the house is intended for home use, the top usually fixed plush or other soft fabric.

The street house for the cat is better to cover with the help of material that does not allow moisture and precipitation. If there is a dwelling for another animal at the top, you should add the design with a ladder for convenience. One side of the house can be equipped with a claw, and inside put a soft litter or mattress. In addition to the standard rectangular version, triangular houses are often made, designed to be installed in corner space.

Other popular home designs for cats

A variety of photos of houses for cats make it clear that not always to create a secluded space for an animal requires something to invent, design or build. Sometimes it will be suitable for already installed or old furniture.

For example, an excellent example is an old nightstand, in the side wall of which runs a hole of the desired shape. On the sides you can fix some game accessories or claw. If there are several cats, an additional bed is placed on the upper crossbar. Thus, you can quickly and easily make a house for kittens with their own hands.

Useful advice! Paying attention to the photo of cat houses, you can see that as a basis, in addition to the old nightstands, used chairs, stools, frames of old kinescope TVs, which cut through the entrance holes and small windows for better ventilation.

Some craftsmen prefer to decorate the interior with mini furniture for cats, resembling in appearance toy sofas, beds, puffs or armchairs. The only thing that distinguishes them is the increased size of the latter. Cat lovers often install animal cribs in their room, made in the same style as the hostess’s bed, or even decorated with a canopy. In this case, it is important to sew a removable durable case, which is easily put in order.

What else can be made with your own hands at home for cats: photos of interesting designs
Very interesting and beautiful look made with their hands houses for cats made of cardboard. You don’t need to buy expensive materials or attachment systems. Due to the malleability of the material, the design is easy to give the desired appearance, but most often prefer forms such as:

Important advantages of cardboard houses for cats are the cheapness of construction, high manufacturing speed, as well as the fact that cardboard is a material that retains heat well. A significant disadvantage of products is a very short life, and it is shorter, the more active the animal behaves.

To save space in a small room, many owners prefer wall options for dwellings for pets, especially if we take into account the fact that all cats like to occupy a high place in the apartment. A solid base design is usually fixed on the surface of the wall between two crossbars and is a shelf. For more comfort, the surface is full of textiles or other pleasant to the touch material. To make it easy for the cat to get into the house, you should place on the wall a few comfortable and wide steps or perform a corner house with several floors.

The real entertainment for one or more pets will be a multi-tiered game complex, where cats have the opportunity to sleep and play. This version of execution requires the installation of several sites on the racks, presented in the form of clawes, between which are stretched hammocks, rope ladders or other devices. It is appropriate to decorate the floors dangling on ropes toys.

What is the advantage of a toilet-house for a cat, what design to choose and where to place

The closed cat toilet is a small structure with a roof. In such a house the result of the animal’s life is hidden from others, and around the toilet there will be no scattered filler. And it is easier for the pet to cope with his needs if he is hidden from prying eyes. Aesthetically, the design looks presentable and can have different shapes and design, which depends on the mood of the owner.

The toilet house for the animal can be equipped with a mobile door, and the tray, where the filler is poured, is inside. The lid in the toilet is removable, making it easy to clean.

The main advantages of making a toilet home for a cat with their own hands:

Due to the closed design, the bad smell does not extend far beyond.

The filler doesn’t fall across the room. If you put a mat at the entrance, it will further protect the rest of the apartment area from contamination from the paws.
Many cats prefer to cope with the needs of the structure closed on all sides.

Completely excluded the option that the pet “misses” past the tray.

Useful advice! It is especially important to install this kind of design in the apartment, where live small children who like to take in the mouth of various items, as well as poking around in containers with loose materials resembling a sandbox.

Before you make a house-toilet for the cat, you need to familiarize yourself with some design flaws. For example, the dimensions of the toilet will be much larger than the size of the usual tray, which should be taken into account when choosing the location of the installation.

Also, not all cats have to like this design. To avoid unnecessary work, it is recommended to make a trial, simplified version, which will be a simple cardboard box. If the cat is interested in such an invention, you can start designing a solid dwelling. In addition, among the shortcomings can be identified more complex cleaning, as well as limited visibility of the animal, because it is not immediately clear when the cat went to the toilet.

Before you think through the size of the toilet-house, you should decide in advance with the place of installation, given the fact that the design will take up a significant space. If the area of the room is very limited, it is better to pay attention to the corner options. When the tray is planned to be installed in a small space, it is better to use coal filters as a filler, which best absorb unpleasant “flavors”.

As for the installation of a self-made house-toilet, here the choice is not particularly large. In any case, you should rely on the habits and habits of the animal. Making a similar design of the house is appropriate for both an adult and a young animal..

What materials to give preference to when making a house for a cat with their own hands

In most cases, unnecessary building materials left over from repairs are used in the manufacture of pet houses. Such a step is quite justified, because in the end all surfaces will still be additionally covered with textiles or other uptomy materials. Before you make a house for cats with your own hands, you should take into account some of the requirements put forward in relation to the materials.

No sharp smell. At the same time, even a light, unpleasant smell for a person is unacceptable. The cat has a heightened sense of smell, and even if the smell seems inconsequential to a person, the pet may refuse to use the structure because of him. If the purchased material smells bad, it should be left for a few days on the street and used only after the bad smell has disappeared.

No electrification. Static discharges emanating from materials are unpleasant to both animals and humans. For this reason cats do not like plastic surfaces. It is not necessary to use silk or polyester fabrics for upholstery and internal equipment, although they are very pleasant to the touch.

For the cat to begin to quickly and actively develop a new dwelling, before installation the design must be kept inside the house for some time. For a short period of time the house will absorb the smells familiar to the cat. Animals are more likely to settle in a house made of materials that have been with him for a long time.

Useful advice! Sometimes in a situation when the cat stubbornly does not want to try to get into the house, it is recommended to use special sprays that attract the attention of animals, available in special pet stores. Sprays are also suitable for teaching cats to cones.

What make individual parts of the house for the cat with their own hands

If you look at photos and videos explaining how to make a cat house with your own hands at home, you can see that most of the shelters are folded from several parts design:

Vertical and sloping parts are most often made of plywood, CPD, thin boards, as well as a variety of weavings or fabrics.

To create round forms will be suitable plastic sewer or drain pipes, dense cardboard tubes from reeled films, wooden beam, twisted in a pipe linoleum or carpet.

Hammocks are mostly made of fabric, vines or ropes.

Smooth areas are made of wood, DVP or plywood. At the same time, houses for cats made of wood can not be embroidered. The board is well polished enough, then cover with water-based varnish or special oil. If you use plywood or CPD, it is better to use additional textile cladding.
When you’re housing a pet out of wood, you just need to take a proper trunk. The bark is recommended to shoot only if it is showered. When the bark is well fastened, it is best left as an additional decoration. Beautifully in such a home-made design will look thick branches, acting as stands for placement of sites or other elements.

As for the materials of the cladding, the claw is best suited to the claw is the best twisted rope made of natural fiber. The most popular are:

It is better to buy the material at once with some stock, so that there was an opportunity to replace the twist if necessary. It is recommended to wrap all pipes that are not made of wood.

The houses themselves and various shelves advise to beat with dense material with a short pile. Carpet is a great fit for this purpose. You should not choose long-haired material. First, for a shelf, full of cloth with a short pile, the animal will be easier to cling to. Secondly, the upholstery will not linger dust, wool, various fine debris, which often cause allergic reactions in both the animal and humans.

There are no specific recommendations in the color design. By and large, the animal fits any color, even black. Therefore, when choosing should give preference to shades that are well in harmony with the surrounding interior. It is better to choose practical and unmarked colors, contrasting with the color of the pet.

Which to choose attachments to make the house safe

To make the house for the cat as tight and safe as possible, you need to think in advance of a quality fastener. When creating a makeshift place for a cat is not advised to use self-cutters, because they often cling to the wool. It is recommended to give up the scrapes, which often become a claw trap. Self-cutters and staples can be used only if they are completely closed by external cladding.

The best option for fastening is the pva glue, which after drying does not emit any odors and is normally tolerated by cats. It is permissible to use glue to fasten the rope and uptob material. Shelves and other elements of the house are nailed with ordinary nails.

If, in addition to self-cutters, there are no other options, they should be installed safely. Therefore, a hole is prepared for the hat, the diameter of which is larger than the hat itself. After that, the cutter is twisted, and the hat is smeared with a putty. A similar method is used in the manufacture of furniture. This technique is considered necessary to ensure the safety of the pet.

Useful advice! If the result of the work was too high construction, it is better after making a house to the cat, additionally fix it either to the floor or to the wall. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the animal will miss the entire structure when jumping.

Before you get started, you need to determine exactly what design you plan to manufacture. To do this, it is recommended to create with their own hands a drawing of a house for a cat, which is taken all the necessary measurements, the size of the details and other nuances. In this case, it will be possible to transfer to paper all the necessary elements and calculate how much will need to purchase material and improvised means. It is possible to involve children in the development process, whose ideas are usually more creative than in adults. In addition, the creation of a shelter will give the child a lot of pleasure..

How to make a cat house with your own hands: step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks

The simplest (in terms of making and selecting the material) is considered a house for the cat out of the box. The best option in this case is a capacity of 35x50x50 cm. Before you make a house for a cat out of a box, you should check the presence of such items:

Fine sandpaper;
clerical knife;
Colored paper
material for upholstery.
As a litter on the floor will fit foam. If you don’t have it, you can use an old sweater or jacket. The advantage of using your own clothes is the fact that inside will be present the familiar smell of the owner. But still the animal will be softer to sleep on a denser material, for example, on a piece of old plaid.

Colored cardboard is suitable for the exterior finish, but due to the low resistance of the material to external influences, this design will not last long. That is why the booked fabric and fur are more suitable for this purpose. Before you start work on making a house for the cat with their own hands out of the box, you should prepare the surface. To do this, remove all unnecessary stickers, paste some defects (breaks or cracks) with the help of dense tape, cut all the narrows, and grind roughness on the surface through sandpaper.

Then, at the end of the box, you want to draw a hole protruding above the entrance. To do this, a saucer with a diameter of at least 20 cm is applied to a pre-planned place, which is neatly wrapped around the edges. After that, a cut-out is performed with a stationery knife. The edges are polished with sandpaper, joints and adjoining are glued with tape or glue. Thus, the cat house out of the box will turn out to be more durable and reliable.

Before you start the exterior finish, you need to dry the product well, after which you can start fixing textiles, paper or other upbeat material. If the box is decorated with fabric, as adhesive composition can be used quickly withthe silicone glue, and from the use of furniture clips it is better to refuse. To make the cat comfortable, comfortable and soft to sleep, on the floor should be placed a small pad of foam or other soft material.

If cardboard houses for cats are intended for the street, the floor and walls need to be further strengthened and insulated with foam, so that the warm air is better preserved inside the dwelling and there is no cold from the ground. At the end of the main work, you can think about installing additional accessories, such as toys, ribbons, threads, sequins, etc.

How to make your own cat house out of the box and cardboard more complex configuration

To perform a more complex house for cats out of the box, you will need a suitable capacity, which needs to cut the bottom and ceiling. At the end of the preparatory work should remain only the walls on the sides. Do not rush to get rid of scraps, because they then need to be used to create a roof.

To perform doors and windows, saucers or any other object is taken, featuring a suitable round shape, which is applied to the places where the future opening is planned, and then encased with a pencil. However, in the place of the proposed door you do not need to circle a full circle, it is enough to draw only the top rounded edge, and then with the help of straight lines should outline the boundaries in the form of an arch. The contours are drawn and the adage is cut out.

In order to make a roof, you need to connect the duct parts of the box, which remained after cutting the ceiling and floor. Using scotch, the cut parts attach to the frame of the house. After fixing the top of the house, you can begin decorating the cat house out of the box with your own hands, for which the roof is attached to colored paper or cardboard, imitating tiling masonry. This version of the decor will look original and attractive, and the box itself will fill the mood of any room.

Another decorative element is the chimney, which is also glued together from the remnants of cardboard. In order for the structure to be securely attached to the roof, a triangular apertoe should be cut at the base. To the roof of the improvised chimney is glued with the help of two-sided tape. Once the cat house is made from the box, you need to put on the floor a pillow or a piece of soft fabric, the design is considered ready to settle in it animal.

There are also quite simple solutions to the issue of how to make a house out of a box for a kitten and a cat. To do this, the usual low cardboard box, which completely cuts off the top part, on the bottom of the foam. The entire structure is tightened with a cloth for a more comfortable arrangement of the family inside. The height of the sides does not allow the kids to accidentally fall out or roll out of the shelter. When kittens grow up, low sides will not become an obstacle to self-penetration inside.

Interesting information! Due to the fact that the manufacture of cardboard products does not require a large amount of time and money, if you want, you can replace worn boxes and make new products.

How to make a house for a cat with your own hands from cardboard: instructions and drawings
It won’t take much effort to make a cat house out of cardboard. Subjects to prepare for work include:

pressed corrugated cardboard;
scissors or a stationery knife;

Preparation for work consists in cutting out from cardboard a certain number of circles of different diameters – from 18 to 22 cm with a step of 5 mm. As a result, it should be 4-5 discs of the same size, and the number will depend on the desired height of the future design. The width of one floor, consisting of circles of the same size, should be at least four centimeters. The step-by-step instruction on how to make a house out of cardboard looks like this:

To make the bottom, you need to take one or two whole discs with a maximum radius;

on top of them are pasted circles of the same diameter, but not solid, and with the same position edited hole of 4 cm width (they are necessary for the registration of the entrance);

then the tower is assembled by superimposing discs on top of each other, fastened with PVA glue.

After the completion of the cardboard tower, you should determine the shape and size of the entrance, as well as apply the boundaries to the finished product, and then with the help of a stationery knife to cut the desired hole on the pre-planned lines. After the product completely drys and learns the smell of glue, inside is a soft pillow and the cat is invited to the housewarming.

There are more pretentious options for creating houses of cardboard, for example, a two-story structure for several animals. But in this case, you will need to spend a little more time, because you need to prepare templates for the door and window aperies. To make such houses for cats from boxes with their own hands will need two identical containers, the size of which will depend on the dimensions of the largest animal. Also useful is a ruler, pencil, knife and hot glue..

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a house and ideas for decorating

The progress of the work will look something like this:

First of all, you should decide on the scale of the future building, the size of which is better in advance to transfer to the drawing of the house for the cat.

Pre-prepared and templates for windows and doors. They should be attached to the boxes that make up the first and second floor, and bypass the outline, using a pencil. With the help of a stationery knife on the drawn lines cut ready-made omes.

The bottom of the box cuts off the upper sash, located nearby. The sash opposite each other does not need to be touched.

At the top of the box cut the same folds, but placed at the bottom, after installing one box on another sash should be arranged in such a way that the bottom is solid.
To perform the roof on two small sash of the top box, which are opposite each other, draw and cut triangles, and so that the remaining parts can bend forward and form a roof.

Two long, parallel sash are connected to each other, and triangular remnants from the side parts are glued to them on the sides.

In some cases, you can deviate from the proposed instruction, but you should still take a priority. After these actions, the main work on the house is considered to be completed. Then you can move on to decorating to make not only a cozy nest, but also a beautiful element of the interior. In most cases, do not have to buy any additional parts, because everything you need can be found at home. Again, you can involve children in the search for the necessary details and turn the job into a real quest.

As for decorating the finished house, here you can highlight a few interesting ideas:

Using a thick needle and thread, cover the house with a cloth, while not necessarily covering the entire area – it is enough to make the cladding only inside or on separate areas.

Past the cardboard with white paper on the perimeter and decorate it then with beautiful images.

Use decoupage technique for decorating, when beautiful serving napkins are used for decoration.

Paste the cardboard with a variety of stickers, remnants of wallpaper. However, in this case, you need to make sure that it does not work too slack product, which will not correspond to the surrounding interior.
Fix on the outer and inner walls of the house small soft toys that decorate the design and used as accessories for the game of the cat.

On the perimeter of the house stick laces or tied from thread slivers, supplemented with rustling elements, which so love to entertain pets..

Simple and clear instructions to make a cat house out of a box and T-shirt

In everyone in the house you can find old clothes that are no longer suitable for the sock, but nevertheless the hand does not rise from it to get rid of it. Therefore, a home-made home for a pet will be a great way to give clothes a new life. The size of the shelter is chosen based on the size of the animal, there can be no strict restrictions. The main thing is that the pet was not cramped inside, that the design did not occupy the lion’s share of the room and did not interfere with the free movement on it.

Due to the fact that such a house is distinguished by the rigidity provided by the fixed wire, it will be easy to rearrange or move to any convenient place or even take with you to the cottage.

So, the bottom of the tent house is made of a piece of plywood, cardboard or a box. If you use a cardboard or cardboard box, it is better to strengthen the base with a few additional sheets of material. To make the frame, you need to take two segments of thick wire, which will need to give the shape of an arc.

The elements are connected to each other at the top of the central part so that the ends are located in the same plane. For reliability, you need a joint location to wrap well with tape. Here’s what you can do next:

At the corners of cardboard or plywood make four holes, observing the indentation from the edge of 3.5 cm. This is where the arcs of the frame will be inserted.
In the finished holes the edges of the wire are pushed and bent from the back of the base, and then additionally fixed with the help of tape.

Since the entrance hole in the house will serve the neck of the T-shirt, its lower part can be sewn, and the sleeves twist and fasten.

If you want, it is easy to sew a t-shirt to the base, but in this case it will not be easy to remove and wash if necessary. For this reason, it is advised to simply fix clothes under the bottom of the house with the help of two-sided tape or pins. In addition to the T-shirt, to create such an uncomplicated house will suit any other fabric that needs to be cut, putting the material on the wire frame. Only in this case, do not forget to leave a reserve for the creation of admissions..

Multi-tiered cat house made of plywood with its own hands: what you need and how to do

If you allow the size of the apartment or house, as well as in the case of the playful nature of the animal and if you want to independently create a complex design, you can think of the manufacture of a whole game complex, equipped with shelves, stairs, labyrinths, clawlets and other interesting accessories for the beast. In such a house the cat will be able to play even in the absence of the owner, perhaps will stop climbing the cupboards and throw away clothes.

To make a house for a cat from plywood, in addition to the main material, you will need such items:

Furniture corners;
Sandpaper to process cut places;
the elements of the attachment are self-cutters or nails.
Before you let in the pet, you should beat the walls with foam, covered with a practical and unmarked cloth. It is appropriate instead of a combination of foam fabric to simply fix in the right places a strong and dense carpet, which, despite the constant exposure of sharp cones, is able to last a long time. To avoid difficulties during the manufacture of a house for a cat with their own hands, sizes, drawings recommend to prepare in advance and detail.

Useful information! To eventually turn out to be a strong house, instead of DSP, plywood or DVP it is better to sacrifice to make a few boards. Natural wood by its characteristics will always surpass glued analogues.

At the initial stage of the complex’s creation, a scheme of the future design is carried out, where the dimensions of each part are detailed. This step is mandatory, so that after the basic details are prepared, it is not that they do not connect with each other.

The advantage of using plywood is the high elasticity of the material, so you can bend the sheets and give the details a variety of shapes. Occasionally, end-to-end saws are used to increase the flexibility of CPD and MDF, which are filled with adhesive solution after bending.

If a variety of curvilinear details are intended as decorations, you can use a jigsaw. Often the structures are thought out in such a way that you need the use of wooden bars, which are quite difficult to adjust to the desired dimensions. If you don’t have the right bars at hand, the elements can be replaced with PVC pipes. If necessary, fittings attached to the glue are used to connect several parts.

Useful tips on how to make a cat house out of multiple tiers

To make a house of plywood, consisting of 4 walls, floor and roof, you will need to pre-prepare 6 square and rectangular parts. The finished house often becomes the highest point of the entire structure, so that the animal can lie down to observe everything that happens in the room. Another advantage of the installation of a high shelter is the fact that the ceiling is usually warmer than the bottom, and there is no draft.

To the cat was more comfortable to climb into the shelter, you should think through a few side entrances, and at the bottom you can make a few holes through which can crawl cat’s foot. In this case, be sure to monitor the grinding of slices, so that the pet did not hurt his paw. The number of details that make up the complex will depend on the personal wishes of the owner and the characteristics of the animal’s behavior.

To secure vertical elements in wooden pillars, you will need to drill small holes, thanks to which the element will be screwed to the shelves. Among the useful tips on how to make your own hands for a cat cozy space, you can highlight the following:

Pasting with carpet or foam should be not only side walls, but also internal surfaces of the structure. Thus, it will be possible to create not only a beautiful, but also a warm house for a cat.

Metal corners are used to give the product greater strength to connect the elements.

Before wrapping the vertical elements with a stump and jute twine, they should be abundantly applied with PVA glue, and after winding additionally pierce the surface with a rubber hammer.

As a game element to the house you can attach a small springboard, made of wood or textiles. In this case, the cat will have an additional design, with which he will be able to climb up.

It is especially important to think carefully about the system of fixing the complex to the wall: if the animal at least once will pass it on itself, he can stop playing with it. It is also not necessary to run the animal into the finished house too early, because if the smell of sawn boards or plywood is not completely weathered, the pet can ignore the assembled structure, as a result all the work will go to waste..

How to make a house for a kitten or an adult cat with a claw

It is completely pointless to scold the cat for sharpening its claws, as pets, unlike wild animals, do not have the opportunity to grind too grown claws on stones or trees. Pets, which are constantly in the apartment, can not get rid of very long cones in time, so they quickly begin to interfere with the normal movement of cats. If the owner does not cut the claws, the animal will be forced to do it on its own, sharpening them on the surface, which will seem suitable to him.

Important! The cat’s cat house will help to protect furniture, corners, doors and other surfaces from damage.

The most convenient design option for self-manufacturing is a column or rectangle, the height of which is 9-10 cm, the width of 8-10 cm. You can think of the option with increased parameters, but it is not necessary to reduce them. To give the design functionality and attractive appearance on top, you can install a comfortable sunbed.

It is better to fasten the claw with the help of furniture corners, and for installation more suitable rectangular or cruceal stand, which has sufficient width for stability. If necessary, some prefer to fix the product to the flooring. A significant disadvantage of such fastening is considered to be the depravity of the floor, as well as the inability to reinstall and move the house. The cladding is mainly used for such materials:

Jute twine;

It is not recommended to buy a synthetic dense rope for this purpose, because if the cat clings to it with a claw, it can damage or even snatch it. The twine should be applied to a surface that has been treated with glue in the same way as in the previous version.

Those who do not want to bother with too complex structures, will like the simplified way of creating a claw, which is to fasten on the wall of the mat, well polished wood or logs. If you use a natural tree, you should pre-remove all small bitches, and the surfaces carefully polished. To attract attention right above the claw you need to hang your favorite pet toy..

How to sew a cat house with your own hands: the easiest way

Often for sleep tailed prefer to use soft pillows, seat backs or sofas, which, from their point of view, are considered the most comfortable. A significant disadvantage of this course of events can be considered a constant accumulation of wool on furniture. To get rid of such a problem, you can sew a house for a cat, applying for this purpose natural fabrics: flax, cotton, wool. Batting or synthepon is perfect as a soft base.

To create a pillow-lying will need to carve the sidewalls and handles for carrying, which are then stuffed with the selected filler. On one of the sides it is recommended to make a recess through which the furry will be easy to enter and exit. To give the product shape and strength, before sewing a house for the cat, to the bottom part you need to fix a dense sheet of cardboard. Thanks to the presence of soft handles, you can not only carry the product, but also hang it in any convenient place.

Some use a wire frame to give the bed a shape. The filler case is made of two pieces of fabric, and it is not necessary to use patterns. You can arbitrarily sew two pieces of cloth from the wrong side, leaving a small hole to be comfortable to cnolate the filler, and then gently fill it.

Any cat, as a full-fledged member of the family, needs a private space, as a perfect house. By and large, to create a separate house for the animal often do not need to purchase expensive materials or tools. Following simple instructions, it is easy to create not only comfortable for the animal, but also attractive for the interior designs.