How to build a pond for decorative

How to build a pond for decorative, Decorative pond in the middle of your garden-small miracle created by their hands. It’s so nice to spend some time in the midday heat in the summer. It is a pleasing-green fresh water lilies, velvety petals of their lingerie, silky surface sensitive surface waters.

Some would say a dream impossible. We answer that it can be a reality if you really want.

How to make a decorative pool by yourself

How to order the paradise in your garden? We suggest you try these suggestions.

First and foremost, you have to find a place on the site where it will be just a small pond. Go to exclude corners in the shadows of the trees. The leaves fall down not only spoil the appearance of lakes, water pollution, which will eventually lead to the disappearance of all aquatic animals.

Best outdoor event area, located on the border between shadow and light. In the shade can hide in the hot summer and denok sunlight necessary flowering lalnbatat, many of which, such as water lilies in the shade just don’t thrive. The best option, if beside the pool to grow willow. Will branches create shade is necessary, and will at the same time not plummet. All parties to the pool should be open access.

Tucking the site, go to outline the contours of your pond, using threads. Rate your choice: round shape, triangle, square. It is best if you have a natural shape.

Pond with a water film

Recently, the movie tank more popular. And the bottom of the water film. We consider this technology to create such a rate.

On the occasion of the choose location path and start drilling in the future raise interest rates. Calculation and its depth considering freezing soil, strength of the film. Usually, the freezing of the soil in 80-100 cm of the surface, situated in the lower part of the film can withstand the pressure of the water column of about two meters. Even in winter, and this can try live fish, and keeps the film integrity.

Pelvic floor must be flat also need to provide a few degrees to the load on the film has been distributed evenly-is a prerequisite. Height must be between 30 to 50 cm, and the slope of the walls of the artificial lake is 40-60 degrees. You must take care of proper planning on the coast and put containers with aquatic plants.

To repair leaking water film from the edge of the depth of the Groove pool from 15-20 cm. Donna carefully the surface of small stones or other sharp objects, then fill with a layer of sand or covered with materials like geotextile coverage, which will serve as the basis for the film. The tender must be deeper Central pond place.

Waterproofing foil to assess

The most important stage of work will be the end of the film. It is important to choose the right type of many other materials for water. All of them share one common attribute-water resistant. These include plastic and fabric types of silicone rubber, with sufficient thickness. This depends on the depth of the pond. The thicker the film, the greater depth of the pond. On this basis, the choice of the type of film.

How to build a pond for decorative

The bottom of lakes, along with the walls and floors, and especially not pull this loose, and then select the edges of the reservoir through the rocks and dirt, and perhaps gravel sea.

Equipment for swimming pools

In the off-season, when rain and melting snow over the water of the pool as possible. To avoid this, it is necessary to take care of creating a water recycling system and drain. To this end, and leads to a rate of two tubes are designed to save water and ensure circulation, one for drainage of excess water in the drainage ditch. In addition to cleaning filters. A range of the equipment and keep the water clean and oxygenated.


The final phase of a decorative hardware

Well, finally, the full amount of work done, starts pumping water to the pond. First of all, extend the hose to the primary injection put him on heart rate, in this case will the water flows evenly jacketed with full bottom surface.

The final is to work the edges of the stone decoration film-naked, rocks, grass cutting, etc. on the upper levels of underwater a colored stones, and the coast to prevent displacement, all the stones better seal the grout. You must bring the stones without sharp edges which might damage.


Nothing better price adorn the beautiful plants. The most suitable lalastanaaet water lilies pond Lily. Nice decoration are also planted on irises pond, forget me, Anemone. Babbling brook and mini-waterfalls, Golden and other animals that live in the pond will make your pond is one of the favorite destinations for vacation in your area.

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