Where to begin repairs in the room?

Where to begin repairs in the room?

From time to time, each owner of his apartment a thought about what you need to do repairs. As a rule, it all begins with thinking of the upcoming renovation plan and ends with the retrieval of necessary building materials and tools for repair. But only a few know how to start the repair , not to miss any detail and finish all the time, but do not tighten it “fun” for a few months , or even years. We will try to clarify the situation and to understand.

Draw up a plan of repair – we do it in the first place. Premeditate and plan the placement of furniture and objects , which on paper recording all further changes in the room , we decide that we will change the room (doors , windows , radiators , etc.) , decide who will do repairs (you or the builder ) , seek out a shop where will buy building materials, and find out where he is.

Getting to action – first is to do only ” dirty” work : replacement of radiators , window and door systems , replacement of electrical wiring, outlets and switches . At the same time , experts say that this phase is to start with replacing the wiring, and then do the rest , but here is how you will be comfortable .

Paint  , alignment – now you are ready and decorating. But, before , paint and whitewash , plaster should be leveled  walls and ceiling.

Where to begin repairs in the room?

Sticking wallpaper – after finishing all the preliminary work carried out , you can begin to hang wallpaper . If you have not decided on the overall design of the room, and do not know what colors to choose , it is best to trust the experts who will do everything for you. If you plan to install suspended ceiling , then it is better to do after being hung wallpaper . In turn, it’s even good , because as long as your apartment will set the ceiling, you will be able to relax a bit , for example, visit the hotels host or go to their relatives , and on arrival , with renewed vigor to continue repairs.

Floor – after all of the above works you can do the installation of floor covering. If you decide to just paint the floor or lay linoleum – you can do it yourself , because this is no big deal , but to install wood flooring or laminate flooring is better to use the services of professionals .

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