Bathrooms designs small and simple ideas to exploit

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Bathrooms designs small and simple ideas to exploit

Simple ideas to exploit the narrow bathroom

Often cause a problem with the narrow bathroom housewife , and get rid of the feeling of distress in the bathroom can be done to the implementation of these ideas:

Add some decorative touches , to develop side table – under the window and above the curtains colors exhilarating (red and white) to serve as a focal point for the room next to put flowers, and extra towels , to be consistent in color with the basket antiques located above the toilet as shown image.

Add at the end of the bathroom window is of the simplest solutions with narrow bathroom , next to the board the use of crystal glass . Crystal glass provides privacy, and at the same time allowed the largest possible amount of light.

Thinking in the small bathroom cabinet to be a focal point in the bathroom narrow and small . Next to give an aesthetic touch using the lamp above the Mirror Pal decorated ” Mosaic .”

Re small bathroom design using materials polished , transparent glass , the simplest and the least amount of accessories , and will turn the small bathroom to bathroom and spacious and elegant .

Sophistication in the use of conflicting colors, which confer on the narrow places great technical condition . As the picture shows use with ebony walls and cream colored accessories . It is also at the bottom of the tub shelves perfect for displaying towels , how much was merged group of non- deep drawers for storing toiletries , and cosmetics.

Bathrooms designs small and simple ideas to exploit

The cupboards above and below the sink to increase storage space. And enough “counter” long to accommodate longitudinal transverse space and space at the same time. The Treasury, interface gives a stylish and practical view of the towels.


The modular design the bottom of the basin to store cleaning materials , in addition to the sliding laundry basket with linen lining are subject to change ; to facilitate the task of cleaning.

Simple ideas to exploit the narrow bathroom

The use of the kitchen drawers are installed on stream in the small bathroom ; to give a deep storage space . As this kind of help in arranging trays toiletries and shampoo. The bra can be installed in the towel in the cabinet door or in a Treasury shelves inside as shown in the picture .

Exploitation of the upper floor to be used as an untapped space in the small bathroom , for example, a simple bathroom design consists of a base basin , mirror and attention – grabbing . The system can be used mono colors on the bathroom seems simple and attractive appearance .

Careful to exploit the narrow corners inside the bathroom , as the image was exploited this angle bathroom installed pelvis in a granite counter . The table at the bottom of the tub partially open , and store shelves , and in the bottom drawer for storage also . I have been using the tap installed in the wall to provide more space on the counter as well .

To experience the dark color in the walls of a small house bathroom . It will be noted from the image that was used pink color to paint the walls , ceiling with silver, crystal chandeliers , and storage unit made ​​of mirrors.

Find unused spaces between walls, columns , and convert them to the shelves , and as shown in the picture was used area located above the bath and provide a simple glass shelves , to arrange towels and bathroom accessories .

Action broad lines pale blue walls where awarded the bathroom more from widening , and blue fabrics on each of the window curtain and bath soft to the touch aesthetic . The image shows a touch of green , gray and white with blue color.

Processing basins on a solid glass counter , and provide a space between the basins as a high- volume process and at the same time.

Using the basin with base or the installer directly into the wall, with the use of pastel colors and decoration on the wall in the form of diamond.

Replace the cabinet doors in the bottom of the tub curtain elegant stamped inscriptions your favorite flowers , and as shown in the picture is clear that they will add a rustic touch to the bathroom.

Do closet design experience in the small bathroom wall with an area of ​​38 x 57 inches , through the development of the basin in the drawer as the picture , where the basin is installed ” Stainless Steel ” in the court of the ” mosaic ” of sliding glass to the wall.

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