Auto Body Tools To Get Started In Auto Body Repair

Reverse auction design, This tool is very simple-he has a steel rod with a diameter 20 mm and a length of 500 mm (base) and impaled on the weight freely impaled on it, and unhook the washer. Based on the dressed weight or more weights, which can vary in weight. On the rod side is hook, and washer that prevents fly weights, rods and impact strength reverse auction.

Modern tools come several types of control that allows you to use to soften the affected areas, including scratches on various parts of the body. Can a successful combination of weight and length of the knock out a lot of thresholds of wrinkles on the double metal Mint, which is on the rear wing. During repair the reverse often use hammers with spotters.

Function reverse hammer : Before you start with this tool, you need to read the damaged areas of the body car (or another object). Places subject to stretching, you must clean it well to metal, degrease and apply primer and color later. Next, dig a small hole and repair welding special washers. Often such reverse hammers, as if you no longer wish to make the work paints, and the only repair solution. After these steps, the affected area is hammer fixed.

Auto Body Tools To Get Started In Auto Body Repair

Crochet tool must catch the puck and sleek Bob dent withdrew. This step should be repeated until the alignment and remove scratches. After several previous action of the body exposed plate mandatory. To remove many scratches and edges soldering some washers through the holes and push the metal rod.

It is important to remember that the standard reverse hammer can be used to repair large areas too, such as the roof, hood and trunk lid. In these places you can also extract metal washers soldering, so it won’t be simply ignored the details.

Auto Body Tools To Get Started In Auto Body Repair

Use the reverse auction requires a paint coating on the surface. But there are hammers, which are equipped with pneumatic suction cups for use where there is no need to travel the metal holes and getting rid of overtime auto paint. This option is recommended for large areas. To create the atmosphere of the installation to the surface it is necessary to supply the compressed air, thus the process of continuous vacuum compressor special hammer.

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