The advantages of solid bricks

The advantages of solid bricks

For all the variety of building materials and construction techniques , the most popular are the houses of brick or wood. And this is a good choice , because the brick and wooden houses are environmentally friendly and durable. For this reason, demand for these building materials is always high.

Turning to the construction of brick cottages, many are faced with the question – what kind of brick to choose ? On the market there are so many options , it’s hard to choose a clear which one would be the most optimal. After all, each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most doubt arises in the choice between hollow and solid brick .

Solid brick building has a lot of advantages. That is why the majority of construction projects he has an advantage over hollow silicate bricks.

It should be noted above all his dignity – the strength and durability. It is for this reason that it is so popular among the builders , because it can withstand a lot of weight , resistant to weather changes and temperature changes. After all, sand-lime brick is the same such characteristics. Despite these advantages , since the thermal conductivity , ease and price policy , the use of hollow silica brick has its limitations :

Sand-lime brick is not recommended for the construction of buildings in areas with harsh weather conditions – at low temperatures it quickly breaks down.
It can not be used in the construction of foundations and erection of 2-3 storey buildings , as it does not hold much weight
Do not use in the construction of furnaces and chimneys
Sand-lime brick – it is not ” breathable ” material , so the room will be necessary to establish a system of forced ventilation .

How to be plastered brick walls

But it is worth noting that the brick facing ( front , front ) should always be hollow , as it reduces the load on the foundation and increases the thermal insulation characteristics of the house.

Unlike silica , ceramic brick has a wider field of application:

Used in the construction of the foundation
It is used in construction of the walls and supporting structures of multi-storey buildings
It is suitable for the construction of stoves and chimneys

Thanks to technology, the ceramic brick can be used for construction in all climatic zones , including , in Siberia and in the Far North . Since the material is red clay , which has a porous structure , home of the corpulent ceramic bricks do not require additional ventilation.

Most often in the construction of brick homes are used as ceramic and sand-lime brick , as it reduces the overall cost structure , without compromising quality. Brick used for construction of the foundation , load-bearing walls and structures, as well as for display of stoves and chimneys. Hollow bricks are laid floors, and is facing the exterior walls.

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