underfloor heating reviews

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underfloor heating reviews – Underfloor heating in modern homes and apartments are becoming increasingly popular . This is convenient , economical and comfortable. Today you can choose a warm floor in accordance with the cost and performance characteristics.

There are 2 types of underfloor heating : those which provide electrical heating cable laid uniformly under all floors , and those that are heated with water in metal pipes.

Floor heating device is installed before when poured concrete . And after his drenched spreading flooring .

Electric underfloor heating came on the market recently. Argued that they are harmful to health due to electromagnetic radiation. However, this is not so , because the electrical cable available today from safe materials. The disadvantage of electric floor heating is electricity consumption , although they are usually equipped with a sensor to monitor the temperature.

Radiant floor heating is a much more ancient invention. It has been known since Roman times . Radiant floor heating is more economical , but it can be a source of problems relating to the diversion of water from the pipe system.

Although modern tubes are made of plastic, which is a very durable material , it is necessary to bear in mind that when a fault of the system may need to open the concrete floor .

underfloor heating system with a rocket mass heater


First we need to become familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions and only then start to work , following the instructions . If this work is too complicated for self- fulfillment , it is best to seek professional help . After all, depends on the proper installation of floor heating further functionality .

underfloor heating reviews

Do not allow the cable to crisscross or stretched . Also unacceptable damage to the cable . Regulations shall be prohibited as to change the length of the cable and connect it does not spill .

With one set of impossible to heat several rooms , and if you have multiple sets , their connection to the thermostat should be parallel .

Do not put any cable, if the temperature is below 5C. At low temperatures, it loses its flexibility and its almost impossible to fit .

After laying the cable to pour the concrete floor so that the height of the concrete was not above screed , ie below 6 cm

These are the basic guidelines for installing electric warm floor . Even before the work necessary to make the plan work in the future clearly stick with it.

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