types of beds for small rooms

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types of beds for small rooms – Bed frame is not just for placing a mattress , but also determines the shape of the bed itself . Our bed frames come in various sizes and types and can reflect almost any kind of design .

Metal frames are the most common type of frame. They are used more often than others and have provision for headboards and footboards . The cost of these frames is small , and they can be purchased in any furniture store. By metal bed frames typically attached wheels for easy and convenient to move them. Such frames stacked spring mattresses for extra support and elasticity . Metal frames are suitable for bedrooms with modern design. The majority of the frames are now made ​​of wood or timber materials . Weight wooden frames more significant , so they are harder to move . Headboard and footboard of these frames are also made of wood. As a rule, between the box spring and mattress set is not too thick piece of wood to ensure the sustainability of the mattress.

Amazingly saves space in our rooms

There are also adjustable our bed frames, such as , for example, are used in hospitals and allow the sleeper to raise and lower the head and legs to get comfortable . These beds tend to have a higher cost and require a special kind of mattress.

Bunk beds are used , typically , to save space and can be made both from metal and wood . They also vary in size and style of manufacture. Traditional bunk bed consists of two single beds , one above the other .

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