What type of fence you choose?

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What type of fence you choose?

How to be a fence ? All of you know – a reliable , beautiful, unapproachable . But how? And what kind of fencing you choose?

concrete fences
Virtually the easiest and most reliable way to protect against intruders – a fence of standard reinforced concrete slabs.

First, the base is set on the ground in the form of a truncated pyramid. In the upper part of the ” cup ” (as professionals call this pyramid ) is a square hole . It is mounted a support column , which at the sides (right and left), there are two slots . There is inserted into the main part of the fence – concrete slab . The grounds are simply set on the ground – additional fix or dig in their unnecessary. Under the “glass” pour enough sand. Move this design only by a bulldozer .
Aluminum railings and fences beauty and reliability
Slabs of concrete were not neglected by designers. Plates come in and smooth, and even in the ” box “, ” flyspecked “, ” circle ” … However , even such a highly-colored concrete fence is hardly elite .

Although the monumentality and strength he will certainly not refuse.

brick fences
It is much prettier and more impressive look of brick fence .

First – Foundation: breaking the trench to a depth of freezing and is equipped with formwork . Then filled with concrete. After the concrete hardens , formwork break and take out, and the ground leveled flush with the concrete. The entire length of the fence of the future turns rigid support for it, in fact, lay bricks .

To increase the strength in the trench before pouring the concrete or metal are mounted concrete pillars . Future columns will not spoil the beauty : they obkladyvayutsya brick and become ” invisible” . If the soil is too loose , the trench for the foundation necessary to dig at that depth , where begins the ” solid ground .” Sometimes, but it may be 2 meters, and 3. Otherwise fence ” float ” or even collapse.

Thus , the preparatory work has been completed . Now begins the construction of a fence made ​​of brick . Lay it as an ordinary brick wall , ” tying ” bricks usual solution – ” cement – sand -water ” ( 3 part of sand to 1 part cement). The mixture should be smooth, medium viscosity, without clots . And one more thing. In concrete, poured into the formwork , except cement, sand, gravel and water are added .

Laying bricks has options : horizontal or vertical , or close intermittently. Brick, laid end to end, would make the fence is ” opaque “. No review will not be either outside or inside. You can put a brick at intervals. Obtain robust and reliable brick grill . And it will allow for others to see and be seen .

Now, about these features

First, the brick fence – heavy construction , which means that it needs a very strong foundation .
Secondly , modern bricks crumble and crack . Even the experts have admitted to be honest : this wall does not stand the “breath of the century .” But what of the century! Alas, within a few years, brick fence lose its chic look.
Third, such a fence – not a cheap pleasure . When the time of reckoning , in the long run will mean the following figures . Brick fence , wall , for example , 10 acres, will cost between $ 12,000-15,000 (the price depends on the quality of the bricks , the height of the fence, the distance of your house, villas, cottages , of course, personal interests and ambitions zaborostroiteley ) . Fence on brick pillars , but with a wooden core ( the part that is between the posts ) , less costly – from $ 8,000-8,500 . The same thing , but with a metal ( wrought ) filling – from $ 9500-9800 .

Another life concrete fence

The most common phenomenon today – a fence made ​​of concrete pillars of the original form ” filled with wood .” What is it? The fence would be: beautiful concrete pillars , and between them – a wooden “foundation” .

And the concrete by the customer can be painted in any color. Or you can order the columns imitating the “wild” raw stone ( rustic ) . The wooden part of the fence are usually made from softwood (pine , spruce , etc.). Here , too, everything is thought out . First, spruce ” piece of wood ” is much cheaper than, say , oak boards . Secondly , they are a well-kept paint. And third, as it turned out , compared with other types of wood age ” pine ” of the fence much longer.

It is clear that the fence does not rot , it must be treated. Treated with primer and then a protective impregnation. According to statistics, thus treated fence ” live ” 15-20 years .

Do not want a wooden ? There is another option. You can make a “basis” of the decorative fence of metal bars ( pillars are still made ​​of concrete ) . However, the cost is more expensive than a pleasure , but it looks very beautiful.

But that’s not all! Experts advise “elite” type of fence ” metalwork on brick piers .” It is set almost the same as bricks : the same foundation (but it does not make the entire length , but only under the supporting columns ) , the same supporting pillars of metal or concrete , the same brick ” lining ” pillars.

When you are ready , you will see a building , brick pillars between – metal bars , welded at the factory. So just these same lattice can be very intricate designs and shapes – what you want!

There is another option. Points are based on smooth, without drawing board. And then on top of them from the front side facing stacked cement blocks measuring 70 × 40 cm They are sold as a finished product . I must say , the unit looks like natural stone. These blocks can exist quite independently : they are used as construction material , for example, fence poles . Allegedly obtained the stone pillars . You may want to combine cement blocks or bricks with metal structures .

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