Repair shower How to choose the right tile

Repair shower How to choose the right tile In the category General Maintenance and Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Repair shower How to choose the right tile.

Repair shower How to choose the right tile – During the construction of each shower it comes to the tiles. What tiles you choose? Where to buy? What size do I need? What sealant to use? Questions and information can be a lot, and short meetings with the contractor is not enough to discuss the whole process, so you should prepare in advance. Realizing how to choose and install the tiles, you will be able to ask the right questions when talking with the designer or builder.

A large selection of tiles, but there are also models that should be avoided. If you find the right tile, you need to decide which part of joints and sealant used. Should you use grout, sanded .

It is difficult to find the right tile and mortar. I saw a lot of showers spoiled only unsuitable solution. Let’s look at some lovely bathrooms and showers, and know a little better how to choose tile, mortar joints and edging.

shower stall curtains shower stall ideas
shower stall curtains shower stall ideas

1. Stone tiles against porcelain. Many people have to make that choice, I prefer porcelain. Shower – the wettest area in the house, and porcelain tile waterproof.

Stone tiles must be carefully checked. Stone should be inspected for defects, epoxy fill and mineral veins, then to test the water. Such a test is easy to hold. Take a few pieces of stone and put them in a bucket of water for 2 days. Remove and let it dry for a few days. If the stone has changed, the same will happen with the tiles in your shower.

2. Large tiles. Shower with large tiles easier to wash, but it will not work if your kids love to run into the bathroom at full speed.
Large tiles can be slippery. Floor tiles 2 by 2 inches or 4 by 4 inches – a safer choice. Choosing a large tile need to be especially careful. I advise their clients in advance to take a sample and test houses. Put the tile under the water, it slips? Also you can put this tile under the bathtub and try to go down on her. Very slippery? Perhaps for the safety of children should abandon such luxury.

Fast flower delivery. Large selection of original solutions for you and your loved ones. Surprise your dear hearts.

delta shower faucet reviews
delta shower faucet reviews

3. Small tiles. This tile is difficult to establish trust in the process only to professionals. Easier to work with laminated tiles, since it is easily aligned.
Many small tiles have directional arrows behind.

Do not attempt to use sheets with mosaics, many of them stick to water-based glue. Any tile worth testing as a stone to make sure that the glue will not smell or be destroyed by water.

4. Mixed tiles. In this  used different tiles. Mixing different tiles from different suppliers, you will significantly reduce costs. You can pick up a little expensive glass tiles, and the rest of the shower to make more affordable ceramic. Always more expensive tiles can be used as accent.

5. Edge. It is important to consider how the edges are completed. If you look closer to the picture, we can see that the edges of the tiles are beveled.
Before beginning repair consider all design options corners and edges.
Some prefer to decorate the edge of the metal strips. But be careful, metal edges can be sharp.

6. Disposition. It’s time to consider the location of the tile. See how simple and linear, this shower – a niche located between two tiles. This is no accident; proper planning here is the difference between casual and neat shower. If you aspire to trim and perfect design, calculate the location of each shelf, tap and shower.

7. Solution. I like it when the seams are made of a solution of two colors: white or light gray. Black, dark gray or solution more bright color can be washed off with time. If the solution is mixed wrong color can come down unevenly.

Also, the solution may become moldy, making horrible bathroom. To avoid this, use the highest quality materials. If you’re working with a dark color, I suggest epoxy mortar.

Grout – the standard and the most stable. There are many formulas, so if this is your first experience with it, it is better to consult a professional.

DIY Video: how to install a shower and Bathtub

The bathtub is arguably the most important feature of any bathroom. The task of installing the bathtub can be such a great job. Installing the bathtub may have more reflection on then one would think. If you’ve wondered how to install bathtub may think that you can accomplish this task by yourself, but there are several things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your bathtub is installed correctly. It is very important to think and be open to a lot of other suggestions on how to do it.

Walk in shower designs for any bathroom

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how to clean a clogged shower head

Tools for installing a bathtub

Installing a bathtub is not always as large renewal project. First, you should ensure that your aquarium comes with apron and legs and of course tank, Centre of bath. Then you’ll need a tape measure, pencil, ruler, and spirit level, screw flat head with prices, the siphon hole saw. To install, you will need a healthy silicone sealant gun cartridges.

Installing Bathtub Hand-held Shower Head

Linked legs

You can install the bathtub is really very difficult, but because of all the knowledge and the right tools, this can be a success, definitely. Installation of Hammam starts with mounting feet. To do this, put your bowl upside down and use a level to check the leveling of the bathtub. Then, attach the adjustable feet in four pilot holes with a screwdriver. While screwing feet sink, you can use the mounting bar with nuts against for accuracy.

Faucet installation, venting and overflow

There are two basic types of bathtubs you can install: outdoor traditional or framed bath tub freestanding claw foot tub-like. When deciding which type you want to install, to install the valve, you will need to make a hole in the space provided for this purpose. Then press the two hoses in holes dug for you only after the screwed Rod threaded under the tap. But before you install the hoses and fittings at last, place the two mattresses between him and sink. Regarding the installation of the evacuation, you will simply need to connect the drain to the trap and screw them to vent with ring clamping. Finally, move the overrun in the opening provided for this purpose by turning trim on top.

A bathtub

You want to make sure to do it right the first time and this is one area where you don’t want to make any mistakes. Before asking the sink, consider connecting the pipe to the overflow by connecting to the drain by links from the rubber. When you install a foot valve and bypass vent, you can repair the tank on the wall with the wall brackets and silicone joints after checking Plumb tub with bubble level.

delta shower faucet reviews

The most popular and in demand is the connection of the flush-mounted faucet in the bathroom on the wall. This type of installation allows you to hide pipes that spoil the appearance of the room from prying eyes, and also does not limit the location of the crane. You can install the faucet in the bathroom both along the width of the container and along the bath at any comfortable height.

You can also build a separate rack for the mixer, lining with ceramics and hiding inside the pipe. This is a rather time-consuming method, but with its help you can think over an attractive interior of the room. However, such structures require additional space, which is absent in most bathrooms. The faucet on a separate rack is more suitable for spacious rooms.

how to repair delta shower faucet leak

To carry out repair work on any of the types of switches, you need to be able to properly disassemble each of them. Before starting work with any of the faucets, it is necessary to block the water in the entire apartment.

Disassembling a switch

Sometimes there is a need to disassemble the switch. To date, the spool type is not very popular. Therefore, it is now quite difficult to find parts for its repair. It is easier to buy a more modern faucet and install it.

If you decide to leave your old switch, repairing it, you need to do it according to the scheme:

With the help of an adjustable wrench, you need to separate the lower part of the case from the other part.

You need to remove the nut-lock, separating the hose and the switch.

Then you need to separately remove the switch itself.

Here, the scheme of actions for analyzing the cork analogue consists of several points:

First you need to remove the outer decorative part of the mixer.
Using an adjustable wrench, it is necessary to unscrew the locking nuts.
Then you need to carefully pull out the switch itself.
The next step is to dismantle the plastic washer that holds the spring, then remove the spring itself.
After the work is completed, the assembly takes place in reverse order.

The sequence of actions for disassembling the ball analogue consists of several steps:

First you need to remove the mounting nut with a flat screwdriver.
Then it is necessary to remove the special plate.
After that, you should remove the handles, and then remove the retainers from under them.
After these actions, you can easily remove the rod and repair it.

how to install shower faucet

During repairs, many often wonder how to install a faucet in the bathroom without the involvement of paid plumbing specialists. This may seem like an easy enough task, but there are a large number of nuances that should be considered when installing.

With insufficient experience with communications, it is likely that the installation of a faucet in the bathroom will turn into big problems for residents – the risk of leaks in this case increases many times. Therefore, starting such events, you should be completely confident in your abilities – or still seek help from plumbers.

How to properly install the faucet in the bathroom

If the installation of a faucet in the bathroom with your own hands is a matter of principle, then it is necessary to carefully prepare for it – to purchase a quality product, as well as to prepare all the necessary equipment and consumables for installation.

In general, the independent installation of the purchased faucet in the bathroom allows you to save on the costs of calling paid plumbers, and also makes it possible to personally control the entire procedure.

How can I install the faucet in the bathroom?

Installing a faucet in the bathroom with your own hands begins with the purchase of new plumbing. Bathroom taps can vary in the length of the goose, the presence or absence of a shower head, the opening mechanism (lever faucets or classic) and many other characteristics. The question of which crane to choose, it is better to preliminarily clarify with a specialist or seek advice from the seller – he will advise the best manufacturer and help you choose a model for the budget.

Open installation
The first type of faucets is recommended for novice plumbing masters. Such a crane is much easier to mount on the wall due to the fact that the connection to the water supply does not require additional operations for strobling the walls or complex calculations when installing supply pipes.

how to fix a delta shower faucet leak

Repair of faucets and switches can be done with your own hands. Depending on the type of switch and the type of breakdown, it is necessary to carry out various types of work.

Wear of rings

If there are special O-rings in the switch, many are faced with the problem of their wear. Most often this happens in the button switches.

To replace such a ring, you need to perform several manipulations.

Carefully remove the button with an adjustable wrench. This should be done without effort to avoid a complete breakdown of the mechanism.

Next, you need to completely disassemble the switch into components and remove the rod.
Then the old sealing elements are removed and replaced with new ones.

At the end, it is necessary to assemble the mixer in reverse sequence, observing accuracy and attentiveness.

Cartridge failure

If the cartridge breaks, you will have to carefully replace it with a new one in the correct sequence.

First, it is necessary to remove the upper plug.

Then you should unscrew the screw-fixator, which holds the entire base.

Next, you need to remove the lever.

Then you need to remove the nut-lock.

After that, you need to carefully remove the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.

Finally, you should reassemble the mixer in the correct sequence.

Spring failure

Another problem is the failure of the spring.

Its replacement is somewhat more difficult:

You need to remove the shower and shower hose with an adjustable wrench, then you need to remove the adapter.

The plug and retainer screw should be removed.

Next, you need to pull the broken spring out of the rod and replace it with a new one.

Then you need to collect everything in reverse sequence. It is important to do everything carefully and calculatingly, so as not to damage the rest of the details of the mechanism.

how to install a shower faucet

Installing a shower faucet is very simple. The main feature of the shower faucet is its design, i.e. fastening and connecting the faucet is one element. This circumstance imposes certain restrictions, mainly on the installation of water pipes.

Most often, special strips or water sockets are used to install a shower faucet. The use of the bar is more convenient, because it is arranged in such a way that the inter center distance of the threads corresponds to the inter center distance of the nuts of the mixer. With water sockets it is more difficult and when installing them, it is necessary to take into account the inter center distance of the mixer nuts.

Installation of a shower faucet – a description of how easy it is to install a faucet

Complete with the shower faucet there are so-called eccentrics for installation. They are necessary to compensate for the errors in the location of water pipes, which is important when using water sockets. In the case of an installation bar, you can do without eccentrics, it will be enough to install adapters from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thread.

For the tightness of the connection of eccentrics with the water supply, it is necessary to make a reeling. At the junction of the eccentric and the shower faucet, rewinding is not required, because in this place a connection is applied through a gasket that ensures tightness.

When installing eccentrics, you should pay attention to their mutual location and inter center distance. The first ensures the smoothness of the installation of the mixer, the second quality of connection. If the center spacing is disturbed, the mixer at the connection point may leak.

Also, when installing the mixer, you should pay attention to two points. First, do not tighten the nuts of the mixer too much. If they are pulled, the gasket may deform and leak. Secondly, you should tighten the nuts carefully so as not to damage the decorative coating. To do this, you can wrap the sponges of the key with insulating tape.

moen shower faucets cartridges

The established stereotype that all the best was produced does not always work. In many cases, the use of new materials gives much more advantages. For example, the use of silicone gaskets brings more practical benefits than the use of the same gaskets made of rubber. To less often observe breakdowns and leaks of the crane, it is better to use more modern materials.

Use of low-quality products

Nowadays, the market of goods has a huge selection of mixers with various switches. However, most of these products are of poor quality, which brings a lot of problems. It is worth buying goods of well-known brands that are tested and meet all quality standards.

In many cases, breakdowns occur precisely because of water. Most of the pipes through which water is supplied are used for a long time. Because of this, dirt accumulates in them, which gradually reaches the apartments. The ingress of dirt into the mixer threatens its complete or partial breakdown. To avoid this, you can install special filters on the water that will stop the dirt itself.

Water hardness

Water may not be dirty, but hard. Rigidity also greatly affects the general condition of all plumbing (the appearance of deposits and the deterioration of the quality of gaskets).

Each type of water switch can have causes of failure inherent in it.

Spool – poor fixation of the rotary rod, wear of the elements of the mechanism, wear or poor fastening of the base.

Cork – poor fit of the cork to the switch, mechanical damage to the button.

Cartridge (ceramic and ball) – damage to the mechanism, erased joints (ceramic plates or ball and plate), breakage of fixtures.

Exhaust – a switch of the push-button type may have a breakage or strong tension of the spring, wear of the seals, improper location of the button.

moen shower faucet leak repair

Sooner or later, every person can be overtaken by such a disaster as a breakdown of the faucet in the bathroom, in particular the water switch on the shower. Modern faucets are arranged quite simply, so almost every person who has minimal skills in this area can repair a small technical damage. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to have a standard set of tools.

Types and features of structures

There are three main types of switch.

This is a type of switch from a goose to a shower, in which there is a special mechanism – a spool. In this mechanism, when rotating a special rod, the water supply and head are regulated. Nowadays, this type is used less and less, as it is inconvenient and impractical.

The switch resembles a spool analogue, but has a useful feature, thanks to which it is used more widely. Its feature is the spring that holds the rod. When you lift the switch, it stretches and clamps the rod, thanks to this, the water pressure begins to flow. When the valve is turned, the water from the shower goes back to the main faucet.


This is a modern shower switch. The locking mechanism (cartridge) regulates the head supply by changing its position. This type is divided into two subspecies: ceramic and ball.


Push-button is the most modern look. It works thanks to the pressing of a special button, which in some of the most modern mixers is automatic. It automatically switches the flow of water when turned off.

Causes and types of breakdowns

If the switch is broken, you need to find the place of failure. There are many reasons why the switch does not work or works poorly. Of all, the main ones can be distinguished.

Shower at their summer cottage Operation and maintenance

Submersible pump used for pumping water in the storage tank, Shower at their summer cottage Operation and maintenance, water soul inside a suburban home,If the shower cabin is located in a residential suburban home, then the normal work of the soul in many respects will depend on the water system. If the House is provided with water from a well, the water supply scheme is organized so that the pump is constantly in the well and connected to the system via a remote switch and pressure switch.

Brings water from the sump pump polypropylene tube must be immersed into the ground to the level below the depth of freezing. In the pipe using a special seal cable. After heating cable put the valve air from the system and check valve that prevents the discharge of water into the well on a United vessels. Then set the switch of the pump and filter fine cleaning, if the water in the wells is not the same excellent quality that can have unwanted mechanical impurities. Purified water enters the membrane tank, it supports the required pressure, saves time on pump and its resource efficiency.

The inclusion of the pump is regulated using the pressure switch; It is advisable to install the pumps, submersible type, which when working do not generate noise.

Fungus in the shower laid with silicone sealant
Fungus in the shower laid with silicone sealant

New column can be used as a stove for heating the cottage type small . For these purposes, you can use the old column bottom-just take off her faucet and fill tank with sand.

For water supply for the House you want to build a water pipe with welded polypropylene tubes that are not afraid of freezing. When such organizations water supply can be equipped with bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. The water is heated using a conventional electric water heater 80 l-this amount is enough for using the soul of a three-family man.

Pipelines and storage tank located on the cold attic without heat insulation, be sure to insulate against freezing. Most freeze pipes of small diameter, through which water moves not constantly. When a pipeline from the artesian well runs through the space, which is adjacent to the heated rooms, and immediately placed node in the afternoon there is a positive temperature to 5 ° c. If night hit strong frosts, then the room temperature can fall below freezing, the water in the pipe may freeze. Search for the location of the ice jams are quite hampered.

This problem is available to decide if aid laying cable that is included, if the owners for a long time to leave the House. You can equip this cable temporary relay; then it will work in a given time limits, for example at night, while strengthening the clauses. Or buy already prepared pipe in the insulation, which is provided with a protective sheath and cable. Usually in this diagram use electric self-limiting twin-core cable, which is heated to 65 ° c.

What to use to remove the limestone shower
What to use to remove the limestone shower

At water House with individual wells or wells with pumping station, which is located outside, be sure to check the condition of the pump and piping. Of course, it is better to install a pumping station in room, as it is able to operate with positive temperatures below 5 ° c. In advance to check and, if necessary, Unclog filters water system.

Submersible pump used for pumping water in the storage tank, the winter can be left in the water.

In the well or wells, the water does not freeze, as usually found below the level of soil freezing. But the top hole is desirable to protect the lid with timber.

In addition, you need to thoroughly inspect the entire water supply system: check the pipes for leaks, the serviceability of locking valves so they don’t missed the water. When detecting leakage must urgently resolve the fault. You might want to replace are not subject to repair sections of pipe.

Sometimes on the walls of a well formed the icing, and on the surface of water in a heavy frost is able to receive ice. So the well head and cover well to warm any environmentally friendly material, in particular, you can use the Board and beam cross-section of 10 X 10 cm. The walls of the well to warm foam on depth up to 15 m Depths of insulating layer is easy to identify by the level of soil freezing in a particular area. These measures will help maintain the wells permanent positive temperature within 5-10 ° c. read (How to choose a pump drain fecal)

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