How to remove gum from clothing

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Glue like material that troublesome impact on clothing, but no difficulty in removing them, so here are some ways to help remove whether ordinary or simple glue silicon glue:

Simple Glue:


Scrape the excess glue with a knife.
Soak the stained clothing in a little water.
Washed clothes stained with hot water.
Repeat this again if there was some traces of glue.

If the previous method can be removed formulated the following way:

Soak a piece of contaminated clothing to glue in cold water for thirty minutes.
Rub the spot gum with a sponge with a little washing powder and left it for five minutes.
Wash the piece with warm water.

How to remove gum from clothing


One litr of warm water.
Half a teaspoon of SOAP.
One tablespoon of white vinegar.
Soak the cloth stained with gum-a quarter of an hour.
Wash them well with clean water.

Glue the ssilikon:



Washing powder.
Of water.
Acetone or nail polish remover.
Paper towel.
Abrasive paper with prominent granules as sand grains.


Make sure that the glue is dry.
Put some points of acetone on the spot.
Begin by wiping the stain well.
Leave for no more than three minutes.
We rub a piece of gum-stained clothes with the help of a toothbrush.
You can use sandpaper if gum stain removal difficult.
Then put a little washing powder and rubbing fingering.
Wash cloth in the washing machine.
Dry them well.


It is by putting a cloth in the freezer a few minutes for the glue becomes fragile and cool, then we could scrape quickly after ejecting a piece of clothing.


You can install unusable cloth and put it on a piece of gum-stained clothes, then shed hot heat on the cloth for 20 seconds, then refining process itself by moving the cloth each time, until you move to the cloth.


If the gum-stained cloth is washable, it is usually recommended to consult experienced laundry shops.

Use hot water warm or cold instead of cleaning.
Read the instructions on the cloth and attention to any note.

Avoid rubbing the cloth vigorously so as not damage the fabric.

Don’t let the removal tool used to stay long on clothes, so they don’t dry out.

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