Racks created in the rivers wood workshop

Racks created in the rivers wood workshop

The unique pattern and warm shade of natural wood can not be compared with other material. Original slab shelves bring a special atmosphere to the room, fill with home comfort, emphasize the taste of the owner.

The racks created in the Rivers wood workshop will harmoniously fit into the interior with a natural motif – loft, Provence, country. This is an indispensable option for those who decorate the room “antique”.

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Main characteristics of the material

A slab is a wide longitudinal saw from the widest section of the trunk. Valuable species of wood are used for the production of solid wood. Rivers wood manufactures slab racks from the following grades:

Nut. Hard wood that boasts a luxurious pattern and a warm, golden hue. With proper care of the walnut shelf, I will delight for many years.

Karagach. It is characterized by strength, elasticity, warm dark brown color. One of the most popular breeds, widely used to create a variety of interior elements.

Mountain poplar. It has excellent characteristics, a golden shade and a chic pattern.

Mulberry. Durable, elastic wood with a core of a reddish hue. It lends itself well to polishing, grinding, so it is often used for the production of furniture.

Acacia. Durable, hard rock, characterized by high performance characteristics, and unusual overflows: from golden to pink.

By order of the client, we can create a shelf from any variety, even the most exotic.

Advantages of Rivers wood products

The main advantages of the shelves created in the Rivers wood workshop include:

Each barrel used in Rivers wood has its own pattern, shade. Therefore, the products produced by our masters are absolutely unique: it is impossible to find a second window sill with the same pattern.

Products made of solid wood are of natural beauty.

Slab-racks will fit into the interior of a residential or office space. They look especially harmonious in natural interiors – country, loft, eco-loft, Scandinavian style, Provence and others.

Products are manufactured in compliance with the most stringent technological requirements, which avoids production defects.

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