Pluses installation of plastic windows

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Pluses installation of plastic windows – Conventional wooden frames gradually fading. This is due to the inconvenience in use. In fact, such a frame should be regularly paint to maintain the beautiful appearance, they are difficult to open – need to open / close the 2 latches on double glazing , insulation is required for the winter, and one of the huge downsides – the accumulation of dust between the frames .

Quite another matter – PVC windows – is unpretentious and very comfortable design that has many advantages – these are the main ones:

1. Tightness. Thanks to her, the house will no longer drafts ;

2 . Excellent thermal insulation and noise insulation ;

3 . Thanks to multi-chambered , and integrity , you can forget about the warming of the windows ;

4 . Lifespan of 20 to 30 years ;

5 . PVC windows are not afraid of humidity, temperature extremes , they do not need to be painted with the arrival of spring ;

6. Beautiful, neat appearance maintained throughout the period of use ;

7. Plastic windows are available at a price almost everyone , because of the huge competition among producers;

8. Ability to beautifully arrange sill set mosquito net ;

9. Fireproof . Plastic windows do not support burning . Also in case of fire , the windows were not allowed to spread fire as windows – good thermal insulation .

So , ordering PVC windows, replacing their old wood frame , you get a lot of advantages : it’s neat appearance of the room , and the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet in a warm apartment , and ease of use .

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