Which phone is better to buy

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Which phone is better to buy

The problem of choice is always relevant , no matter how many articles have been written on this topic. The reason is clear : we want to pay as little as possible , and get as much as possible . Unfortunately, this rarely happens , so the main task of the buyer – to try to find enough high-quality device for the best price . Choosing a simple mobile phone or advanced smartphone , inexperienced in this matter , you can easily get confused by the abundance of form factors and models of vehicles . Which phone is better to buy ? This is what we will talk today .

Classic piece , delicate clamshell or slider ambitious ?

The appearance of the device – the first thing that you notice . To date, allocate 3 main types of mobile phone cases : candy bar , clamshell and slider . By the way , there is a tube and the other looks, for example, rotators ( turning machines ) , phones in the form of a wrist watch and cell phones with a hinged lid. But the special distribution they received so kind and it makes no sense to allocate them in separate groups.

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So, the candy bar . The classic form- factor . An ideal choice for those who choose the time-tested solutions . The main advantage of the device in this form factor – a reliable architecture , compact size and design that is always in fashion

Clamshell came on the market almost simultaneously with the mono blocks . It’s not so much a fashion statement as they are really good in every sense solution. First of all, they are comfortable to talk . Also, have a decent sized screen, and it does not affect the parameters of the keyboard. The most vulnerable spot clamshells – turning mechanism which is designed for a certain number of open / close the tube. But , in practice , this resource is more than enough for the average life cycle of the phone.

The last of the form factors of the world saw the sliders . The main advantages of these devices – a large screen and a large number of functions you can use , even without pushing the device . A great solution for those who do not want a “blind” , looking at a small screen candy bar, afraid to break a cot and can not decide which phone to choose.

What follow : Screen Phone

This is the ” clothes” of your device. As is known , precisely meet it. Which phone is better to buy , not least of all will depend on the quality of the screen. Most phones are equipped with color TFT-LCD. It is pleasing to the eye and can boast good viewing angles . However, here you can trap a nuisance – the so -called ” grain” . The reason for that discrepancy diagonal screen size and resolution .

Fangled “trick” of recent years – Super LCD screens and SuperAMOLED. Yes, it’s rich, vibrant colors, bright picture . But this higher power consumption , and not quite ” tasty ” price .

An important parameter when choosing a phone – the size of the screen. The most important thing here – to determine what , in fact, you need a device . For the most common “dialer ” and will fit a 2-inch screen . If you are important to periodically check email , watch videos, read books from the phone , you need a machine with a diagonal of 3 inches.

For those who loved since childhood, ” poke ” to all the finger , the perfect solution would be buying a touch phone. Are the sensory apparatus is several orders higher than their “mechanical” counterparts , but are more functional and easy to use.

Case and assembly

Not knowing which phone is better to buy . Plastic models are relatively inexpensive . Glass display – it is always the risk of falls and subsequent replacement . Which phone to choose – with a glossy or matte panel ? Gloss – it is fashionable, expressive – in short, cool. A few cloud the experience can only fingerprints that remain permanently on the unit. The only way to solve the problem – buy a case and periodically wipe telephonic special cloth.

If you need a good camera , do not be lazy to learn it for squeaks when you press the button , backlash in the body , “broken” pixels on the display. Be sure to listen to the speaker.

A functional phone

If you want to buy a device that not only calls and SMSes sent , but can many other things , buy a model with built-in camera and mp3- player. Passionate music fans is recommended to choose a model with stereo speakers and a subwoofer. In addition to the camera and media player equipped with modern phones fm- radio, and even built-in mini TV with a retractable antenna to enhance the adoption of the signal. But the increased functionality requires additional costs.