Laptop that heats what solution

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According to statistics, 8% of laptop failures are caused by the heat.In fact, it is the hidden dangers of portable computer heat more than we think.Computer Portable hot cooling system will directly affect the stability of notebook pc and the performance over time, it could lead to more serious problems, the system is lethal. even if your computer seems that everything is normal, it was only temporary, it is still dangerous.

  1. Select a room in the coldest place to turn on the computer. Conditions, to place the computer floor as low as possible (hot air rises).
  2. specific host placed to select the location of the air flow. Around the upper part of the chassis to leave some space, with particular attention to the different chassis air intake (usually in front of chassis) and the exhaust port (rear frame).
  3. If it is no problem of circulation of air, and the room is air conditioned, have a simple plan of it. If your computer room was great, using central air conditioning, in the use of the computer is the best to lower the temperature some, and then transferred back. The rooms are small it is not necessary to do so.
  4. check the room with the lamp. Incandescent heat lamps is not small, the ideal situation is to use a lower heat designed.
  5. When you are not using the computer should be stopped. When you use a screen saver, don’t forget the power of the computer at this time is not much lower that usual, heat cannot be ignored.Finally, the display is updated with idle for 15-20 minutes to get into an energy saving mode. The BIOS at startup, you can also set the sleep or suspend-to-RAM. These measures can save energy and extend the life of your PC laptop.


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