Immediate Annuity Rates

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The effective annual percentage rate, as opposed to the nominal interest rate, taking into account more, depending on the respective Bank, direct and indirect costs which are related to the loan. The redemption settlement, the reduction of the loan amount for the returned percentage, is such a position. The more often, the redemption settlement is made, to lower the effective interest rate is due to the interest on a lower loan amount accrues. Usually, credit institutions charge the repayment, even if you during the year, provided only at the end of the year. This means every month wipes out a portion of the loan that the borrower must pay the interest rate but all year round on the loan amount, which was January 1. Thus the effective annual percentage rate increases, the loans will become more expensive in total. Some banks apply also a semi-annual amortization allocation.

The variable annuity

The payment amount with each repayment allocation is changed in the variable annuity. This form of loan recovery rarely comes to fruition, the transfer takes place once a year at private borrowers. Is the above example of financing in the form of a variable annuity is attributed, the cash flow changes in the second year. Decreasing repayment performance but to an extension of the duration of the loan and thus towards the fixed annuity also leads to an interest line increase in total.

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