High quality of the basement waterproofing systems

These problems are preventing water damage, mold and mildew. Because the basement is located underground, are vulnerable to infiltration of humidity, are perfect for every home they stop water from entering your basement, Because basement are located underground, they are prone to infiltration of moisture and water damage. In addition to water damage, the cellars are prone to rot and mold damage. Concrete is a very porous substance that will allow water vapor to pass through.

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Here are a few systems that are no longer used in waterproofing basement.


Drainage systems are very common in places where water is a problem. There are two systems of drainage inside and outside. Outside, these systems use trenches and channels to direct water away from homes, garages and cellars. Inside, these systems use a pump sump for drain and perforated hoses to collect.


The best way to protect yourself you-sol is to build drainage system as you build the basement. You can add the particular solution / additives for cement walls to increase the protection of water. For cracks around the walls and floors, you can use the foam insulation or hydraulic cement and epoxy patches.

Vapour barrier

Vapour barrier need not be installed in your basement, but on the outside walls of your home and the Foundation. These barriers prevent access to your walls and so subsoil moisture. These vapour are rolls of plastic and fibres which can be installed on walls and concrete basement floors.

High quality of the basement waterproofing systems

Moisture sealants

Hunters are also the vapour, but are not as effective as building materials. They are usually found in spray or in the form of painting and can be applied directly on the walls. The main advantage is that they are easy to apply and they can be applied even after the construction of the basement.

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