How to hang cabinets in the kitchen

How to hang cabinets in the kitchen

How to hang cabinets in the kitchen – Hinged cupboards are very comfortable and functional , they easily accommodated all necessary cooking utensils and small products . But many people want to learn how to hang cabinets in the kitchen . Need to do it properly, as the strength of attachment becomes the special care of some housewives .

– Check the level of the wall in the kitchen. You know , if there is uneven . Then you have to determine on the floor the highest and lowest points . Pen mark on the wall. Then, using a carpenter’s triangle check , whether direct angle between two walls in the kitchen.

– Make a layout of the location of the wall border. For this draw a line on the wall . The line should be at a distance of one meter 50 cm from the highest point on the floor. This line shows the lower edge hinged lockers. Then fasten the wall border wall so that the top edge of his was on the same level with the line which you have spent on the wall. Cabinets need to hang directly over the border wall .

– Lift up on the border wall corner cabinet . Mark the places where you do holes. At the marked locations , drill holes and insert the dowels , one screw is screwed halfway. Then hang the cabinet on this screw and align it on the level . Tightening the two screws , but not until the very end .

– The same method hang the remaining cabinets . After all they hanged on the kitchen wall fasten all screws . Wall border can be removed. It is best to do this work together, so you lift and hold cabinets one is simply impossible and hard.