How and what to glue plexiglass

DIY guide – How to glue paper wallpaper

How and what to glue plexiglass – Organic glass because of its properties is often used in various economic matters , as it is very well treated , it can be blown , plane and even glue . However , how and what to glue plexiglass know not many . However, the details of such glass are glued easily , and most importantly , firmly , leaving no visible seams, so they turn transparent.

1. Mainly for gluing this type of glass is used dichloroethane, which is a poison , and so when you work with him to be careful. In connection with this , to work with such material , it is desirable in a well ventilated area and away from food .

2 . When gluing can use the following types of connections Plexiglas : lap , butt , tongue and on their heads. The main thing to choose the connection method , which depends not only the appearance of Plexiglas , but also how the resulting product will be durable . For example, if you select the method of gluing on a mustache , it should be remembered that the width of the whisker must be at least three times the width of the material. When bonding overlap should look to himself overlap was not less than four times the thickness of the Plexiglas.

3 . Once the glue is applied to the glued surfaces Plexiglas recommended product pinch clamps and hold for about three hours .

4 . For the preparation of an adhesive for acrylic glass should take hundred grams dichloroethane and dissolved therein about five grams of the glass chips and then for half an hour , the adhesive must stir to dissolve shaving. Then, the adhesive should be left to swell , and it can be used within three days .

5 . The adhesive should be applied to the surface uniformly and it is necessary to make sure that on the surface was not rough portions or bubbles . Before you apply the adhesive to the surface of the glued areas , it is recommended to grease their dichloroethane . Need to compress the surface until no air bubbles appear , usually a few minutes .