How to cover the floor with varnish

How to cover the floor with varnish

An important step in repairing or building a home is to make the floor . The most popular wood flooring or parquet. This is natural because in the first tree – a natural eco- friendly material , wood contains no allergens and has excellent thermal performance. Secondly, the wood floor will fit in any interior and create comfort in your home, as well as an irreplaceable advantage is its unique ability to absorb excess moisture in the room , without changing its structure . Also, the tree has a good sound insulation characteristics , and even a floor is easy to repair and restoration.

How can extend the life of wooden surface of your gender? The answer is simple – with the help of varnish. How to coat the wood floor varnish ? This question , by the way , ask yourself not only those who wish to extend the life of the wooden floor , but also those who are just building their home or want to refresh the surface jammed on the dance floor . In addition varnish increases the strength of the floor.

In order to properly varnished parquet or wooden plank floor to prepare . You will need a lacquer polishing machine , abrasive high- denomination , spatula, brush and roller , vacuum cleaner.

How to paint a wooden floor

Let’s start with the selection of varnish. Varnish should be selected based on the destination premises , which will be held varnishing . If it’s a room with a heavy load on the floor, every day it will be a lot of people, it would be the best two-component varnish , based on polyurethane (PUR or DD- varnish .) The fact that such a varnish forms a flexible film which is resistant to moisture, abrasion, and when applied in several layers attached to the surface shine and improves the contrast picture ( attached visual volume ) . If you need to varnish the floor in the living room, that would be the best oil or wax , despite the fact that such treatment will take a few days ( oil should be well impregnated wood), but the results will make you happy : nice matte shades and a feeling of real wood underfoot .

At present there are several methods of applying varnish. First of all, this is a manual process where paint is applied by hand with a brush , roller , trowel or tampons . Also, there is a mechanical and a method in which varnish is applied on the floor surface with the spray gun .

In no case can not be covered in floor polish too cold or hot room on the contrary , at high humidity or in drafts .

Prior to clearing is necessary to prepare the floor – to the floor sanding and sanding to remove any burrs , cracks , and other irregularities. All available slots need to putty , and before the last layer of sanding. Using a spatula to score all the cracks and crevices putty without taking off the excess. Last sanding will remove all unnecessary and thus treated filler space is not ” fall “, and will be on the same level with the floor.

How to varnish a wooden floor

Next, take a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the surface of the prepared us .

The next step is to cover the floor nitro varnish that will serve as a primer impregnation. Apply it to brush 10 cm wide and 5.1 cm thick along the tree structure. You need to ensure that nothing is missed.

After the primer layer has been deposited , the main lacquer is applied in at least two layers. The greater the number of layers , the more beautiful will turn the floor. And so we take a new brush or roller (size should be such that what was at priming ) and applied the first layer of base coat. Apply it to the grain of wood,   if the brush is used , the strokes are applied U- shaped movements in such a way as to overlap with the brush freshly edge. If you are using a roller, then the motion should be cruciform . Movement across the causes varnish, and the movement along its leveled after roller to pick up on ¾ of its width and the whole cycle repeats itself .

How to choose the floorboard

Necessary to give a varnish to dry completely during the day , and the next day, remove the lint from the floor with sandpaper ( 180-250 fineness ) . Pile is a small roughness on the floor covering . Clean up the pile of sandpaper in a circular motion until you need those long as the floor is smooth .

Then again be thoroughly vacuumed and clean the floor . When the floor is dry , apply a second layer should varnish. Note that if you want to apply 3-4 coats of lacquer , then you need to clean up the pile before the last application.

There is often a problem when the layer of varnish dries. May be several reasons : the lacquer improperly chosen ( alkyd  varnish will not dry on the wood tick or Rollers ) – need to increase the room temperature to 20 ᵒ C in insufficient quantities was added hardener in two-component varnish – to ground off applied varnish , insufficient fresh air the room – to strengthen airing .

May also appear whitish nodules , they indicate that the moisture condenses on the freshly lacquer. In this case, the processing of these will sag solvent , then it is necessary to conduct re- painting. Naturally space prior to application and should be warmed to increase the temperature of the floor surface.

But the fight with peeling in small areas , you can use light sanding . if the swelling varnish layer was on the surface, then there would save the situation only applied to sand full of varnish.

The result of all of the above is obvious – flooring varnish is not easy and has a lot of nuances , and pick up paint must be carefully and on the basis of the characteristics of the tree, which will be painted. So if you want to have a lacquered parquet floor at home , you should know that today in the sale is a flooring that is already covered with varnish. It is varnished with airless spray gun in specially equipped rooms. Naturally, in this case, decreases the risk of various defects, but also need to know that not every such flooring can be re- varnish . It is caused in the first place , the possible incompatibility of the varnish .

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