Comparison between normal heater and central heater

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Comparison between the normal heater and central heater

The hot water installations feeding part of the extensions that have been implemented . And this is linked to the water heater wiring to complete the work of these extensions. There are two types of water heaters can be either plain water heater or central heater and we’ll explanation for each of them :

First: normal geyser

When using the heater is normal install a separate network for hot water each bathroom or kitchen is parallel to the cold water . And this network is linked with the heater so that the feeding tube is divided into the main nutrient for bathroom or kitchen to part arrive cold water network and the other part with a normal geyser arrive and thus the hot water network . Must be provided with each heater is mounted on the valve feeding tube your water heater to close when its maintenance . In addition to the valve prevents reflux hot water to the cold water network in the case of lack of water or low pressure main feeding network .

Accumulative and instantaneous heaters

The heater is supplied normal ventilation tube be up higher than the height of the surface of the water tank or tube is supplied with thermal safety valve in case the tube rising less than height of the surface of the water tank or in the case of the use of the building pump . Normal heater features ease of repair and availability of parts and disadvantage length of heating water , especially in the case of low temperatures. And take into account when you use the heater to be normal capacity suitable for the nature of the use of the building .

Second: the central geyser

In the case of the use of central heater is installed network and one for hot water to all bathrooms and kitchens in the building and are connected to a central heater on the roof of the building. The central heater consists of a heater or more according to the needs of the building for hot water in addition to the filter and pump for water pressure to rotate the pump hot water to prove on a metal base painted to prevent rust and corrosion. And prefer to put the heater in a room or central under the umbrella to protect it from weather. Central and disadvantages geyser hot water cuts on all bathrooms and kitchens in the case of the holidays. In addition to a combination of high cost and difficulty of maintenance and consumption of electrical energy in large heating and running water two payment , recycling pumps .

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