How to clean burnt food from the dishes

How to clean burnt food from the dishes – If you are prepared in a saucepan or deep skillet rice or buckwheat and not followed , remains burnt bottom, which is very difficult to clean , even if you have a few hours left pan with water poured into it .

Our tips will help you clear all of the burning and grime without damaging the container.

I am sure that each of us can be found in the kitchen table salt . To do this, take a pan and pour on the burnt bottom of half a cup of salt, it is uniformly distributed.

After a few hours , you can wash the pan .

If you have not spotted for milk remained burnt places , take activated charcoal, ground to a powder and add to baked-on dishes, pour water on top . Leave for 10-15 minutes , then rinse thoroughly .

These were general recommendations for dishes made ​​of any material , but there are also specific tips for cleaning pots and pans of certain metals .

The most easy to clean utensils – Teflon coating intact . Such dishes enough for half an hour to fill with water, then rinse thoroughly .

In aluminum cookware food does not burn nearly as well as almost burnt milk. But if , after all, burnt food , do not use abrasive cleaning powders and pastes , as well as alkaline and acidic drugs , they spoil aluminum. Better to clean aluminum soda.

Stainless steel cookware should not be cleaned with abrasive scouring powder . Better place to clean burnt salt.

How to clean burnt food from the dishes

Cast iron pans clean while they are still hot , water with added salt . If this is not done immediately , then later a clean pan will be very hard .

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