How to choose a wifi router

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How to choose a wifi router

Recently, in an environment of Internet users has become increasingly popular devices, called Wi-Fi routers or routers. The main problem is to get a competent and qualified answer to the main question – ” how to choose a wifi router ? ‘.

The modern market offers quite a wide range of these devices, but to make informed choices , you must have some knowledge of luggage , which is not always available for the ordinary person.

How to choose a wifi router ?

First, you need a clear understanding of the term ” router “. Router ( the router ) is a device that allows you to connect to the Internet through a wireless network PCs, tablets, laptops , smartphones , etc. So, the main criteria for choosing a router :

Cost . Experts do not recommend purchase cheap devices , as strongly recommended by some participants in online forums because they are characterized by high-quality assembly , genuine parts , high performance , reliability and good coverage area «Wi-Fi»;
Brand. The existing line of routers consists mainly of products of several major brands, different , both qualitatively and performance . Thus , the budget routers «D-Link» available but not reliable . Reliable and quality routers offer «Linksys», «Zyxel» and «Asus», but they are quite expensive . A great combination of value and quality – a distinctive feature of the «TP-Link»;
Specifications . Before you choose a wifi router , you must define the “filling ” of the device . The best option experts consider the following : a processor of 300 MHz , memory of 64 MB and 16 MB Flash- memory :
Having antennas and their quantity;

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Access protocols . Effective support for the protocol used by your ISP («PPTP», «PPPoE», «L2TP») ensures stable operation of your router ;
Connect to the Internet («WAN- port “). Modern routers are equipped with the following port connections : «ADSL», «Ethernet», «3G USB»;

Standards . Most modern routers support standard «wi-fi» (802.11n), which allows to abandon outdated 802.11g or 802.11b.

The consequences of improper device selection

The correct answer to the question ” how to select a wifi router ? ” Is extremely important, because the wrong choice can lead to certain complications and trouble. The potential buyer , usually base their choices on the boards (not always qualified and competent ) seller. In the case of improper connector protocol or device can simply be exchanged and your losses are limited to the time spent and spoiled the mood . However, embodiments of the situation may be different.

Some routers have insufficient power , since their function is the distribution destination of the Internet in a limited space (most often a single room ) and have no technical possibility of signal transmission through the walls . In addition, the router is properly chosen , can cut the rate of traffic because it is impossible to maintain a higher speed.

Router low power or low quality has other negative features : regular hang, reboot or disconnection .

That is why , determining which one to choose wifi router , try to get a comprehensive and qualified professional advice, covering a full list of its technical capabilities . Able to provide substantial assistance to numerous online resources that tell about the advantages and disadvantages of different models of routers , emerging issues and workarounds , etc.

A brief overview of popular models

In search of an answer to the question ” How to choose the wifi router ? ” Potential client will compare several models of devices , for example:

a ) Zyxel Keenetic

The described model of router capable of supporting :

wire : «L2TP», «PPPoE», «PPTP» and «IPoE»;
Built : «4G USB» and «3G USB».
maintains the speed in the range of 90 MB per second («IPoE» and «PPPoE») to 70 MB per second («PPTP» and «L2TP»).
router has support for torrents, print server and point «Wi-Fi» (802.11n). The advantages of the router belongs to a simultaneous access to the local network and the Internet service provider (technology «Link Duo»). The device has a 4 «LAN»- ports and 1 «WAN»- port.

b ) Asus RT-N56U

The described model of a balance of luxurious design , high performance and availability of opportunities : Support «Gigabit Ethernet», equipping a full built-in file server that supports the format discs «NTFS» and «FAT32» and two points «Wi-Fi».
The model has five built-in antennas and two «USB 2.0»- connector (connect storage devices and office equipment ) .
Wifi router supports the «PPPoE», «L2TP», «PPTP».
Data transfer rate – up to 1.0 GB per second ( hardware acceleration «NAT»). Memory increased volume – 128.0 MB.

Finally present you a short video , which is the most clear and concise manner will help you finally decide on the choice of wifi router.

How to choose a wireless router?

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