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Before you start stripping the wallpaper off your walls, make sure you also learn how to remove wallpaper glue. Trust us, the last thing you want to do is spend hours scraping every last bit of dated floral paper only to find that your plan to immediately paint is sunk because of leftover glue. The wallpaper stripping process, which involves soaking the surface with water or a liquid stripper and then scraping with a putty knife, removes the paper, but leaves stubborn, sticky residue. (There’s a reason some people just paint over it.) To get a clean and smooth wall that’s ready for painting, you’ll need to get rid the glue once and for all. Read on to find out how to remove wallpaper glue so you can finish your wallpaper stripping project like a pro.

quite popular today for finishing the ceiling material . This finish creates a cozy room , regardless of whether you have chosen a democratic material or costly . For those who are used to do repairs yourself.

The modern market offers a wide range of wallpaper for the ceiling. It can be single layer paper wallpaper ( the most democratic , but no less attractive option ) , more durable paper wallpaper with stamping , textile wallpaper with silk fibers , suede , felt or jute , durable vinyl or easy to use self-adhesive wallpaper .

So, you have chosen the wallpaper on the taste and pocket . Now proceed to the immediate glueing . Before that, of course, need to do some preliminary procedures . For example, to remove the old surfacing material , to correct any flaws ceiling. By the way, errors can hide some wallpaper with stamping. Also note that you need to hang wallpaper in the direction of the incident light in the window and the windows closed , otherwise the material can warp . So the intense heat gluing best not to engage .

The algorithm works is really simple . Stuffed hand , you can easily paste over the ceiling, but the novice may be useful outside help .

Making the layout and preparing strips of wallpaper, begin to apply the adhesive to the segment of the web. The adhesive is applied from the middle to the edges.

Now we form a kind of accordion , and so that one side is in contact with glue smeared on the other. So we add a few strips . While you are working , they are impregnated with glue. But do not leave permanently impregnated adhesive wallpaper , in which case they will soften and become too thin. If you are using non-woven wallpaper , then glue covered only the surface for painting .

Take the first harmonica and holding it with one hand , apply the edge of the canvas. Glue the whole body gradually , not forgetting to smooth parallel material from the middle to the edges. Be careful , because the wallpaper lose elasticity and can easily be broken .

Next attach the canvas joint to joint . The seam can be smooth rubber pressure roller .

During operation, you may encounter a problem moments. For example, with a sizing angle ceiling and wall mount chandeliers or on the surface of new wallpapers . All these nuances can be solved. So corner flag wallpaper glue so that it was setting at 1.5-2 cm wall , push material flatten it and then cut the excess wallpaper spatula or steel ruler .

As for the chandelier, then it is enough to make a cross-shaped hole. You can not calculate its size to millimeters – all the flaws will be subsequently closed cap chandeliers. Now turn the power off , unscrew the socket and cut parallel to the base languages ​​wallpaper . Finally, you can wrap the cover over the already trimmed tabs .

Also, do not forget about that one wallpaper patterned fabric must exactly continue another shifted pattern will look simply ridiculous.

Fasade Glue-Up Ceiling Panel Installation


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