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How can we decorate the walls

How can we decorate the walls

And suddenly I thought: not too often we turn to the services of designers like embarrassment that the artist lives in each of us, and that our personal taste and sense of beauty would be enough for it to yourself to try to make your apartment a beautiful and unusual? Especially now, when the market offers a host of non-standard by which not necessarily be able to draw or modify furniture. One of these decorative vinyl wall decals or wallpaper, which allow you to make the original owner, inscribing in her bright, do not require special care or caring attitude drawings.
Stickers on the wall you can buy different sizes and with different patterns elements. All you need – is cut, place the elements as you like, garnish with them not only walls, but also doors, furniture and ceilings. Moreover, made ​​of durable and water-resistant film, they will decorate your toilet and bathroom, hallway and a loggia, and even, if you want it, the walls of your porch.

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