How do black mortgage brokers

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How do black mortgage brokers – Parallel increase in the popularity of different types of lending grows and credit fraud . Very often scammers put on a mask of professional loan brokers , ie intermediaries should provide assistance to borrowers , of course, not free. In order to popularize their activities , not only throughout the scammers placed ads with service offerings , but also engaged in distribution via the Internet . Almost every second email has already received letters offering assistance for credit without collateral or guarantors .

Today black brokers use as cleverly designed sophisticated ways , and the most simple and long known . Simpletons willing to share their own savings to scams missing. Next we look at some of the most popular ways of deception, which is widely used by fraudsters .

 the selection of appropriate banks

It all starts with the alleged aid in selecting banks. For a very modest amount of several hundred rubles can be printed on the printer list of banks , ostensibly the most appropriate given client . In fact, the list is pretty standard , downloaded from the Internet .

 Help and phony call to work

If the borrower can not get the required amount of the loan due to a small salary or complete lack thereof , black brokers offer their help . There is such service to the good order of the previous expensive . Linden certificate , which contains a fairly large amount of salary , contains a phone number at which you can obtain additional information . At the other end of the phone will naturally sit your people , which is as correctly answer all the questions that try to set loan officer . But if a bank employee decides to find the real phone number of this company and will call back , he can easily calculate the speculators . In this case, will have to answer to the fullest extent of the law , and the entire load of criminal liability for fraud will be borne by the prospective borrower and not a broker.

 professional surety

In the arsenal of black brokers have such a powerful weapon as a professional bail. However, staff banking security is often calculated clients acting in the roles of professional guarantors, and submit them blacklisted . Potential borrower who try to take advantage of such assistance are also automatically put in the blacklist , excluding any possibility of future use of the bank loan services .

lime Commission

Black brokers often foraged petty fraud by giving their customers the illusion of assistance in obtaining credit. Stipulate such service moderate size, amount to ten percent of the loan amount . In fact, all the activities of the broker comes to the direction of the borrower to the bank , in which he allegedly snatched all . If the borrower receives a loan , he must return to the broker and to thank him the aforesaid sum of money . Typically, at least half of the clients do come back and pay for the services of such imaginary broker.

lime bribe

Black broker who wants to have a larger stable income , the borrower requires a certain amount for allegedly bribing employees of the credit department , where further redirected borrower . Naturally, these are not refundable regardless of the outcome of the transaction.

falsifying passport

Real broker will never require the borrower ‘s passport until unless you need to go to the bank and arrange for a loan . Scammers may also use these documents to get credit for the customer’s name , get the money and disappear as if they never existed . Sacrifice is necessary through court to prove his innocence to this loan and repay it until until the court decides otherwise.

trade and road schemes

Trademarks and road schemes provide fast getting large sums in cash for making the loan agreement for the purchase of expensive equipment , appliances or vehicles. Naturally, the cash amount will be half the size of the loan , which will have to pay the victim , and with interest.

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