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Jewelry from natural stones not only please us with its beauty. For a long time they are famous for healing properties, which recognized more than one generation. Since ancient times, people have known that stones conceal the great power of nature. In the course of studying the world of minerals that nature besties us, scientists began to explore how a particular gem affects a person and his health. Science has proved that each stone has a great healing power and is able not only to affect the general condition of the person, but also to cure a wide range of diseases. In the world there is a whole science that studies the healing qualities of stones and it is called litotherapy. Treatment with stones has no contraindications of compatibility with other methods of healing, so it can be used always.


there are many methods of using stones for human recovery. In ancient times, minerals created a powder that was combined with herbs and other medicines. In today’s world, man also appreciates the gifts of nature and uses them a little differently. Now the stones are grinding and creating beautiful ornaments, which we wear, as they say, “for the soul and for the body.” In order for the energy of the stone to become beneficial to influence its owner, it is enough only for a few hours to decorate yourself with a product of natural stones. This is the most pleasant and at the same time gentle method for the treatment of various diseases.

Do not take medicines, but just choose a decoration with a certain natural stone and vilify it for a while. How effective contact with stone will be, first of all, depends on the woman, her thoughts and faith in the wonderful world of minerals. As is known and even scientifically proven, women are very sensitive and vulnerable creatures. Therefore, the body of the beautiful half of humanity is very vulnerable, and sensitively reacts to the energy around it. And the stones are no exception.

Treatment with natural stones

The main purpose of a woman for centuries is to show herself in the role of a mother. This is a great gift and a great happiness to experience all the stages, from conception to education. Therefore, women’s health is directly related to motherhood. After the birth of the baby there are harmonious processes that can further increase the beauty and power of the female body. Women who did not give birth, on the contrary, look a little different. They do not have the warmth and love that are characteristic of my mother. But, unfortunately, in the modern world there are a kind of distortions and not all ladies are given to experience this happiness. To someone it is too late, and someone and does avoid. If you face small problems at conception – do not be discouraged. Try to study the topic more deeply and turn to the ancient knowledge of our ancestors, who, like no one, had harmony with the world and interaction. There are mascots for motherhood, which have a certain energy and help a woman on such a difficult path. All of them have the natural power of natural stones.

There is a legend that tells us about an interesting story. Once the wise goddess Hera, the patronsaint of family and motherhood, the wife of a strong and powerful zevs, showed care for the world of people. She scattered around the globe beautiful stones, which should become talismans for pregnant women. And there is a belief that if a woman who is expecting a child, will find such a stone, then her birth will be easy and joyful, and the baby will be born strong and healthy. From ancient times comes to the era of modernity beautiful custom to give gems to a pregnant woman. It was then that people had no knowledge and opportunity to influence the processes in the body. Therefore, there was a strong belief in the gifts of nature, especially in gems. In those days, people most deeply felt the natural rhythms, the energy of the stones and their effect on the body to varying degrees. And those knowledge penetrateinto our time and are confirmed scientifically.

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most important period in every woman’s life. The body at this time undergoes huge changes, both on the physical plane and on the energy. And how these main events in the life of any mother, harmoniously or not, depends in the future level of health, both mother and baby. For a long time, stones for women played important roles. They served as talismans, both for the protection of the family and for the health of the mother and children. What stones should you pay attention to the beautiful floor?

The female body is very in tune with the energy of gems. If you plunge into history, then in ancient times to treat diseases, to protect from evil spirits and to maintain balance in all branches of the “tree of life”, people turned to natural stones. Among other things, women wore jewelry made of minerals that give the owner wealth, luck, love and even help at the conception of a child. Those of them who could not get pregnant for a long time, turned for help to minerals. They wore natural gems and sincerely believed that in the near future they would instill the energy of motherhood. Necessarily, such an expectation and most importantly – faith bore fruit. In the near future, the woman felt the beat of a new life.

Let’s take a dip in the beautiful world of gems and meet its brightest representatives, which can be used to strengthen and harmonize women’s health. In pregnancy, women become the most sensitive to the world. And it is at this time not superfluous support in the form of a talisman or a mascot. Enrich with strength and energy decorations with a grenade.

Caholong's therapeutic properties

Mineral is able to support in a woman’s body the necessary level of health almost all pregnancy. In particular, it is worth noting the last months of pregnancy. Pomegranate, both red and light green, is suitable for this role. With its energy, the mineral will affect the overall mood: will give vivacity and optimism, help to find the right mood for childbirth and even ease the birth pain. Jewelry with mineral can and should be worn before and after childbirth. With their vibrations, they will create a protective cocoon of negativity, help to cope with bad mood, decline of forces, fears, transforming anger and rage into positive. After all, agree that it is a positive mood and a great mood – the key to health, both mother and baby. It is recommended to wear grenades around the neck in a silver frame to those people who suffer from lung diseases. A combination of pomegranate with gold in decoration will help to cope with throat diseases and improve the condition of headaches.

In general, jewelry with mineral scythes contribute to the restoration and cleansing of the body, as well as the withdrawal of toxins from it. The presence of pomegranate in the woman’s biofield affects the circulatory system, promotes tissue regeneration, harmonizes the nervous system, generally works with the body’s immunity. In the countries of the East, the symbol of fertility and health is kaholong – opal of opaque milky-white hue. This mineral of amazing beauty in antiquity had a symbol of light and purity of intentions. Caholong is the talisman of motherhood.

According to the myths of Ancient Egypt, the mineral is an attribute of the sacred animal – the bull Apisa. In his image, people revered the powerful forces of the genus. In Asia, kaholong is still considered a stone of the Mother. According to the belief, the stone, inherited from mother to daughter, helps the latter to go all the way from conception to childbirth easily. And after the birth of the baby to restore the body and get in shape. In ancient India, the stone attracted people’s attention with its color, namely, the fullness of white. The people of this country call kaholong “the petrified milk of the sacred cow.” In the East, the stone also has a special reverence. Their views on the inner fullness of the stone are similar to those of the people of India. East tells one of the legends, where he mentions that the stone is “petrified female milk.” Kaholong is given to the girls before the wedding.

Mineral will contribute to the comfortable flow of pregnancy, protects from stressful situations and experiences in this emotionally difficult period for a woman. Also, jewelry with kaholong contributes to the easy birth of a baby. Stone by its vibrations absorbs negative energy, harmonizes processes in the woman’s body, strengthens health and well-being.

Jewelry from heartthrate for women

Its properties kaholong will help to recover after childbirth and easily establish lactation. In addition, the mineral establishes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. For those people who have problems in this area, it is recommended to wear pendants with caholong. Litotherapists claim that it is just as favorable to decorate hands with products with kaholong in the form of a ring and wear on the middle finger of the hand. By its presence, stone strengthens family ties, retains love between a man and a woman. The energy of the mineral attracts their hearts to each other. Wear jewelry with mineral, and with their streams the stone will protect your family from everything that destroys. He will cut off anger, as well as melancholy in relationships. It is believed that on the pedestal among the stones that support and preserve women’s health, there is a heart.

With its energy stone is very thin and at the same time globally affects the heart chakra. And, as we know from esoteric teachings, the harmony of the beautiful half of humanity, and therefore health, goes through the heart flow. Serdolik is a reflection and filling of love. And so, every lady just has to have a casket decoration with this mineral. Gem is not only beautiful for its beauty, overflow of colors and shades, but also acts as a powerful defender of female energy. Streams of heart blood will help to establish relations with loved ones, to find harmony in the family, love and peace. After all, only women’s energy can create such miracles. And a stone to her aid. In the common people, this mineral is called the “stone of action.” In many nations, serdolik is very popular for its wonderful properties. This stone, filled with gentle-coral overflows, harmonizes the processes in the woman’s body, inhales the energy of love into it, thereby contributing to the conception and healthy fetal development of the baby.

Serdolik has the ability to stop bleeding and heal wounds. That is why it is beneficial to take it with you for childbirth. It is believed that the person who wears the ring with the heartdoly is always in joy and harmony. Also, the stone, especially the orange-red color, contributes to a light birth. In the East, for example, to stop the bleeding, it was put in the mouth of a woman who gave birth. And in the Czech Republic there is a belief that beads from the heart tholdie protect against evil eye and miscarriage. It is recommended to combine the heart with a silver rim, and a ring with a heart to wear on the ring finger. Since ancient times, the property of the talisman has been attributed to the serdolyk. It seems to drive away from his master disease, death, blows and gives peace and happiness. Just if you look at the heart canal for a long time, the stone has a positive effect on the visual channels. The list of diseases, in the fight and cure of which is used heart- man, looks to inspire. Its influence is subject to: anemia, fever, nervous system diseases, insomnia. Elements of heart canal have a beneficial effect on the dissolution of tumors, splicing bone fractures, prevent the development of inflammation, strengthens teeth, extinguishes rheumatic pain, eliminates cardiac ailments, helps with eczema and asthma.

Thyroid diseases and Graves’ disease are treated with jewelry with a serdolyc in the form of beads and necklaces. Properties of stone help to treat ulcers both internal and external, helps to calm the headache. It is useful to wear products with heart disease for hypertension and hormonal failures. According to Vedic astrology, the main planet of women’s energy is the Moon. And in tune with her rhythms of jewelry with pearls. After all, it is the brainchild of the sea, namely the tides have a direct connection with the Moon. This mineral of amazing beauty has a positive effect on the structure of the female body as a whole.

Selenat figurine

Streams of pearls actively affect the circulatory system and prevent the appearance of an imbalance in it, leading to bleeding. The mineral also has an antibacterial effect and prevents the development and appearance of inflammatory processes, as well as the emergence of infectious diseases. In the land of the rising sun – China, special importance is given to pearls. And not for nothing, because it is washed by three seas at once. In Chinese culture, pearls are a symbol of fertility and family. Wearing pearl jewelry has a beneficial effect on pregnant women. There is an opinion that it is best if the decoration with pearls will give you a mother or mother-in-law, as a keeper of the family. With its vibrations and changes, it will warn the hostess at the right moment about the beginning of health problems.

Also an assistant on the way of motherhood will be a moonstone, he also seleinitus. It is a sacred stone in India and is a symbol of luck and luck. This mineral, which has a transparent depth, will not only contribute to the onset of pregnancy, but also help to tolerate and give birth to a healthy baby. It is recommended to pay attention to decorations with moonstone women who have a fickle menstrual cycle. But do not wear this stone constantly, because the energy of the stone is most in tune with the Moon, that is, with the streams of the night. Experts recommend to wear it no more than once a week. Rings with these stones should be worn on the toy. As if the sun heats and give their light decorations with amber. That is why in the people amber has the name “stone of the sun.

The people of the Baltics especially appreciate this gem. There its name in Lithuanian sounds like “protection from any disease.” Amber has incredible and magical power. It, like a sponge, cleanses a person of negative energy and gives his mistress health. Amber is also called a “universal cleaner.” The properties of stone prevent pathological cell division. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of such female diseases as cysts, myomas, mastopathy. It is also beneficial to use it in the treatment of fats and goiters. Litotherapists claim that amber acid is an important component in the treatment of infertility. In particular, the right and easy flow of pregnancy is facilitated by a stone with a reddish hue.

It helps to cope with the hardships of toxicosis, hormonal storms occurring during pregnancy, as well as serves as a talisman of the baby in the bosom of the mother and does not allow a miscarriage. there was a custom to give a nursing mother a necklace of amber. In rich families, the decoration was put on the nurses, thereby enserving children from the influence of a lower-class man. In addition, amber protects dreams, helps with insomnia and headaches. Turquoise on the body gives strength and harmonizes processes in the woman’s body. The name of the mineral, such as “happy stone” has long been known.

And for a reason. By its presence turquoise harmonizes the space around itself. It is believed that the stones of bluer shades are the strongest and most active. It is especially beneficial to wear them to pregnant women, as it helps to preserve pregnancy or eliminates the risk of preterm birth. Also, the properties of the mineral are a “cure” for many ailments. Turquoise treats and restores the heart, liver, vocal cords, lungs and normalizes thyroid function. For eye treatment, just admire the mineral for a few minutes.

The healing properties of the moonstone

Its properties stone is able to help in the healing of allergies and other inflammations of the skin, contributing to tissue regeneration. She also has diseases such as rheumatism, flu, insomnia. It is recommended to wear jewelry in a gold or gilded frame. Even if you feel great, the jewelry with turquoise will not only decorate you, but also serve as protection. After all, the energy of stone can protect from the bad influence of bad energies from the outside, as well as envy, black magic and corruption. Turquoise, like a litmus test, will clearly react to any changes in the human body. If the stone has started to darken, then pay attention to your health.

Natural ash jewelry is one of the strongest amulets. Its exposure zones vary depending on the color content. Green stones, especially in the merger with silver, are a talisman of pregnant women and have a positive effect on easy delivery. It is recommended to wear a jasma bracelet during childbirth. Red-hued gems treat a variety of gynaecological. Litotherapists claim that red ash helps to stop bleeding. The energy of these gems is especially in tune with the vibrations of the reproductive organs.

Just the dish a talisman remains a talisman after childbirth, both for the mother and for the baby. Jewelry with gem help in the conception of a child and help not only to get pregnant, but also to improve their health and prevent premature birth. In addition, the energy of the pit will help in kidney, gallbladder and liver diseases. It is worth remembering only one rule with regard to this stone: the dish does not like the neighborhood with jade. These stones are antagonists.

The group of stones that help to become a woman mother, includes products with agate. They prevent and treat the development of diseases in the sexual sphere, harmonize with their presence the emotional background of the person. Also, agate, especially white, promotes milk production and establishes lactation throughout the feeding period. Mineral has the property of detoxification of the body, which is beneficial for pregnant ladies, because thus the mineral protects its mistress from toxicosis. But when a woman decides to take the baby from the breast, it is necessary for a while to remove the gem from her energy field and get after complete weaning from the breast. In litotherapy, agate is known as a stone that heals in throat diseases that are protracted, such as long coughing.

It also helps to harmonize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, relieve toothache, cure asthma and bronchitis. Agate jewelry protects against fear and relieves stress. The stone of blue hue helps with diseases related to the work of the heart, and green – pancreas. Raukhtopaz (smoky quartz) is useful to have in its presence for those women who are planning a pregnancy.

Thanks to its presence, the reproductive function of both the female and male bodies increases. It is very important to remain calm during this period and especially to monitor the state of your psychological background. The energy of stone harmonizes the work of the nervous system, soothes such mental disorders as depression, despair, apathy, obsessive thoughts. Jewelry with smoky quartz is recommended to be worn by hyperactive and easily excitable people who are unable to cope with the avalanche of their emotions and feelings.


The stone will envelop the relaxing and soothing vibrations of its master and at the same time raise the vitality and contribute to the flow of energy and strength. In addition, the properties of the stone will help to cope with diseases of the kidneys and pancreas. In addition, smoky quartz eliminates bad habits and addictions, so it is worth paying attention to those who dream of quitting smoking or are on a diet. In order for the stone to share with you its medicinal qualities, it is recommended to wear it around the neck in the form of beads or pendants. And if in the decoration there is a combination of raustopase with azure, the strength of the stones doubles and you are provided with double protection from negativity. The beautiful fullness of the celestial blue and magical properties has azure.

With its vibrations, it has a beneficial effect on the course of pregnancy, gently protecting it. For those women who are waiting for a baby, it is recommended to wear a decoration with a azure on the hand, as a bracelet. Lazurit will save against miscarriage, help to cope with toxicosis and easily pass this nine-month stage. Stone vibrations can reduce back pain during pregnancy, cope with mood surges, nervous disorders and depression.

According to Ayurveda, the stone strengthens a person’s physical condition as well as mental condition. Lazurit will help to cure headaches, diseases of the nervous system, make sleep sweet and strong. Will increase the tone of vital energy, endurance, will give mental balance and harmony. It will also help to reduce temperature and pressure. Women who have an irregular monthly cycle will help to resolve it with azure. Also, the stone will help to cope with diseases such as kidney stones, diseases of the spine and joints. There is an opinion that daily viewing and admiring this incredibly beautiful gift of nature will positively affect your vision. To improve the eye also use water, which for a time would lower azure.

In the onset of pregnancy begins a close relationship developing within the child and the mother. And it is very important to create inner harmony. After all, the health of mother and baby is now closely intertwined. There are stones, which with their energy very favorably affect the fetal development of the baby. If the mother interacts with these stones during pregnancy, the baby feels their friendly mood. There is a group of stones that begin to reveal their magical properties not immediately. For example, heartthre needs time to get used to his master. Also, some minerals should not be worn constantly. For example, opal. The stones of transparent structure, having noble, calm colors are most beneficial to wear in summer and spring, and owners of mottled colors, having an opaque appearance – in autumn and winter. In astrology there is a rule that decorations with stones should not be put on two days before the new moon and in the last days of the lunar year, that is, between March 15 and 20.

First of all, choosing a decoration with a gem, listen to your inner feelings, try to feel the energy of the stone and try to correlate it with their vibrations. Even stones with one name can vary greatly in their influence. For example, when choosing a decoration with a mountain crystal, you need to buy the one that you liked most. And putting on the decoration with him, you immediately feel that he as if he will hug you, envelop. When the stone is not yours at all, it will interfere, crush and heavy. If you choose a stone to protect it, then treat your assistant with respect and faith, more often contact, communicate with him. That’s when the full strength and power of the mineral will be revealed.

The health properties of turquoise

It is worth noting the fact that all of the above applies only to natural stones grown in nature and absorbed all the energy of the earth. Stones grown in artificial conditions are not able to influence humans. Moreover, it is not favorable to combine in one decoration and natural and artificial stones. This can lead to disharmony, which can have a bad effect on the energy of the mineral of natural origin. Do you still doubt the miraculous properties of the stones? You can give you only one piece of advice – one day take a risk to try, believe in minerals, start wearing them often and with pleasure. And then the stones will respond to you. They will not only decorate your image and emphasize elegance, but also become protectors and assistants not only to you, but also to your family. Only at first glance minerals are inanimate matter, just stones. But in fact, they absorb the properties of the living and the inanimate. They are the owners not only of beautiful color solutions and forms, but also of their own energy, and therefore of their character.

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