Stairs and their device

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Stairs and their device – Staircase considered one of the most important elements in any municipal building. With the help of ladders can be carried out the connection between the different levels between rooms or apartments , as well as make a comfortable entrance to the building or structure . Today, the sale of stairs is the most common service in the building market . Stairs are distinguished by location , they can be official , ceremonial , the main partition wall or outdoor .

Stairs is an element of entrance , it should be that part of the building that in its design and embodiment not only enriches but also complements the architectural style of expression of the building. Therefore, if the outer appearance of the stairs – it belongs to a part of the building’s exterior , while internal staircase will be part of the add-on design for interior decoration common room or the hallway of the apartment. Stairs should be different for the convenience of ascent and descent , be noisy and not stiff when walking, stairs and so need good lighting to ensure safety in operation .

Review Of Space Saver Staircase, Alternate Tread Staircase

Stairs consist of horizontal and inclined parts , which are called sites and marches . And if in march contains three or more steps , there will be the necessary equipment stair railing . Accordingly marches consist of steps and supporting beam , which are the principal elements of the stairs. Since the sale of the stairs is a very popular , many developers today doing exactly this kind of service . Marsh is a continuous series of steps , which is located between two landings or between two levels. In terms of stair marches on its projections can not only curved , but also oblique and direct. If one of the staircases will consist from several marches , then the first will be called the march starting point, but the last – weekends. Line , which is located mainly in the middle of a flight of stairs , is called a line shoot . Along this line, descend or climb the stairs . In order to determine the width of a flight of stairs , you need to read the terms of layout of the apartment . Besides it will also take into account the intensity of use of ladders and future dimensions of the opening in the ceiling between floors.

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