That pipe for heating is better

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When replacing the heating system, people often think about what kind of pipes for heating is better because each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Quite popular in the use of such pipes for heating: metal-plastic and polypropylene pipes. Quality and those and others are quite high, the certificate allows you to use them for heating systems.

Characterization of metal-plastic pipes

Any metal pipes have in its structure of 5 layers of polyethylene, glue, and aluminum foil. Connection pipes between themselves are divided into three types: split, one-piece and conditionally split.

Metal-plastic pipes are characterized by sufficient flexibility, so problems with accommodation in a room will not. Another positive quality is that metal-plastic pipes 100% , Frost-proof, and also do not allow different deposits on the inner walls. The service life of such type of pipes at a pressure of 10 atmospheres and temperatures of coolant not more than 80 degrees, is about 50 years.

Metal-plastic pipes for heating and some disadvantages, for example, they don’t like ultraviolet radiation also pipes need to keep away from mechanical and thermal influences. In this regard, the conclusion of this type of pipe should be carried out according to the baseboard or renovating their special.

Characteristics of polypropylene pipes

The name itself says about the material from which the manufactured pipes-polypropylene. Polypropylene pipes are connected by means of special polypropylene fittings with metal carvings. This type of pipe is fairly hard, wall thickness is approximately 1.5 times the thickness of metal pipes. Thanks to this, the diameter of polypropylene pipes and more. Installation of pipes is complex so that they do not bend and for each bend should be applied fittings.

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That pipe for heating is better

Polypropylene tubes have a fairly long lifespan. Physical and mechanical properties of the data pipe is very similar to the properties of metal. At a pressure of 8 bar and the temperature of the coolant is not more than 70 degrees, polypropylene pipes will last about 50 years.

Based on all the above characteristics, we can say that each type of pipe fitting to be used for the heating system, all depends only on the desire of the buyer. You should not separate them for better or worse, because both species are quite good.

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