How to make organizers and planters with cans of canned

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Cans, after consuming their content, make organizers and planters tend to end up in the trash. But with these ideas, you will find a good way to take advantage of them to make organizers and planters.

Organizers and planters with cans of canned

Cans, after having eaten food, are excellent elements that allow the creation of many objects. Its consistency, texture, flexibility and versatility makes it possible that we can fit them, punch the, turn them into plates or modeling them for the creation of original containers and flower pots.

Preparing cans

To reuse cans the first step will be tidying up its edges to avoid injuries. To do this, we can just pass back the can opener of knob, or bring the edges of the mouth of the Tin in with the help of a pair of pliers or thick gloves. Be careful not to cut yourself doing this, since these songs are very thin and sharp.

Once the mouth, can we sanded for finishing a safer still. Already list the Tin of canned, we wash it with hot water to remove the tags and attached glue, and then dry with paper towels, to avoid moisture. Cans can use in its natural tone, or paint them with spray enamels or lacquers, stained glass windows, depending on the look you want to give to our contender or cantilever.

How to make organizers and planters with cans of canned


How to make an organizer with cans

To the Organizer by re-using cans, we will prepare the surface where we put them. It can be a piece of wood, painted to pitch and decorated in the way that we want, on which screw with two brassieres each Tin, in the preferred place.

First, we punch Tin, mark the site of drillings in the wood, and bore the iron with a hand drill. Place screws in the proper length, of preference with the head on the inside of the Tin, so inside the container is free of obstacles.

Another way to look this Organizer is preparing a metal plate, and adhering to each Tin a powerful magnet. In this way, we will place each one in the desired location, and then we remove them for cleaning are easy or reorganize them in a new location.

How to make a cantilever with cans

Using the same techniques you can create an original Flowerpot with cans for small species, such as herbs for culinary use or small flowers. Therefore you must perform at least one drilling at the bottom of each Tin, to allow proper drainage of water extra. If you leave them as well, you must put the piece on a wall where the drainage does not cause damage or stains. If you’re into the interior, subject to bottom surface a small plate (which may be the bottom of other Tin) so that you catch the water that drains. And thus we will have good ideas to reuse cans, either creating a flowerpot or other organizers to keep spices, herbs or whatever.

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