Make a canopy over a balcony

What is the canopy, It is necessary to ensure the safety function of sediment and contaminants. The canopy is slightly different from the traditional sun visor. When constructing the canopy should take into account a number of nuances. Get acquainted with them in our article. It should be noted that the functionality of the canopy on the balcony is not limited to an obstacle for precipitation. Its purpose is slightly wider. Depending on what kind of material will be selected for production of roof and defined functions. As the material can be plastic, metal constructions and even concrete. As the main material should choose brick, tile, slate or glass. Coating type also depends on the purpose of the canopy. Awning for balconies, usually in urban houses on the plot. So we want to make it look beautiful, was functional and cheap cost.

For the manufacture of roof in addition to covering the beams must be purchased with hardware. It is traditionally made from wood or metal. Material for fastening defines climate area, where the shed will be used. If the location is wet with rain weather, then it is better to give preference to metal construction. Metal drop temperature shifts perfectly, it is unpretentious in the plan of care. If you have determined that the roof will be made of wood, it is recommended to choose a tree entirely noble breeds. In any case, for the tree defined lifespan of no more than 7-15 years. With the passage of time, the wooden structure canopy will have to change. A good option is to support the construction of multiple parts. It is easy to assemble and suitable for various canopies, direct and oblique. For balcony awnings are most often apply italic version. It is best to design and view the House as a whole, as well as provide water discharge.

So, before you start assembling the canopy to mark the area of the ceiling on length and width, where there will be a canopy. Now fix the design itself. Using dowels to attach to the canopy. The canopy should always check with the building level. The design shall not move, otherwise shed poorly will perform its mission.

After the base is finally fixed, you are ready to cover the roof of the main material. The sheets are wound for bolts. The important thing is to not have joints, because the water will flow through them. Once the basic coverage gap should handle the sealant. So, the canopy is ready for use. Some people you shed not glaze balcony because he already would be protected.

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