Invisible Fence limiting the area ​​movement of dogs

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There obedient dogs that do exactly what they say, and that will never create problems, trying to catch up with the cars. However, there are also dogs that walk where they want and do what they want. If you are the owner of just such a restless dog, then you will likely be interested in an invisible fence.

Almost all owners of invisible fences are satisfied with the results. Dog, planted on a chain or locked in a confined space, looks miserable and unhappy. Moreover such treatment can not be considered humane dogs, since dogs were created for free movement. Invisible Fence allows the dog to move freely about the yard, saving her from falling into all sorts of troubles.

Invisible Fence limiting the area ​​movement of dogs

Invisible fences are diverse models, the choice of which depends on your personal requirements and preferences. However, almost all the invisible fence work on the same principles. The scope of the invisible fence collar comes with a built-in electronic alarm unit. Sam fence – it is just a thin wire, which must be buried in the ground to a depth of a few centimeters. Although this device is called the invisible fence, there is essentially nothing on this fence. It – only electronic fence, beyond which can not leave the dog wearing a special collar.

All you have to do – is to define the boundaries of the site, beyond which should not move your dog to wear a dog collar and a special switch on the device. It’s pretty simple.

After installing the invisible fence be ready for the arrival of anxious neighbors, especially if you are the owner of a large dog. If your neighbors will see that your dog runs to him without a leash, they can really get scared. However they will calm down once they realize that you have installed the invisible fence.

Your dog will get used pretty quickly to the invisible fence and be safe to stay where you want. The only problem with the invisible fence can occur in case of power failure, as in this case, your invisible fence just stop working. If this circumstance is a problem for you, then you should buy a model with a battery backup.


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