Installation metal door entrances

Installation metal door entrances In the category Garage Doors & Door Openers Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Installation metal door entrances.

Installation metal door entrances – Entrance doors are often installed during the repair work in the apartment. This task can provide the company which had purchased the door, but it will be worth the additional costs , and you can rely on their own strength and do everything yourself . Installation of metal doors input consists of several stages , about them, we will tell you about .

Removal of old doors

Many residents prefer to protect their homes against burglary and massively dismantle its entrance wooden doors , replacing them with metal , how to do it ? How to insulate the metal door.

Installation metal door entrances – Installing a new door always starts release the doorway of an old door . Dismantling must begin by separating the door leaf from the box itself . If the door opens 90 °, then with the help of crowbar door rises until it slips off the hinges. If the blade is attached integrally loops , then you need to use a screwdriver and unscrew them . How to change a lock for metal doors yourself.

Further removal of the entire box held . If the metal door frame , then we need to cut all the bars grinder fasteners.

After the liberation of the opening you need to completely remove all the fragments , old plaster , nails and insulation. How to change a lock for metal doors yourself.

Setting input metal doors

The most popular way – is attached using the mounting plates . By means of steel rods that are driven into the holes in the mounting plates to the wall box is strengthened . Bars after plugging into the wall clench or welded . Sometimes, instead of steel rods used anchor bolts.

Installation metal door entrances

With this setting, you need to make the clearance between the wall and the frame 15 -20mm on all sides. Improving the reliability of metal doors.

There is another way to install , it is used when you need to ” drown” the door in the opening . With this method of mounting plates are not installed . It should be noted that this method is suitable only if the wall thickness exceeding 15 cm , since breaking the door can simply pull out of the wall. Metal Security door what is it.

Fixing the door is held by openings in the door frame . If the holes are already there, then the box is fastened with anchor bolts that come with the kit . Bolts are covered with caps in the color box. rules choosing metal front door.

If the side profile are no holes , then they need to drill into the wall and beat the steel rods which are welded to the inner wall of the profile.

Lock box in the doorway you will be small wedges of wood. When the installation is complete input metal doors must Close all cracks and gaps . Adhesion to the foam was increased , moisten place foam padding .

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