Choosing a stone by blood type

The famous naturopath James Adamo, who gained popularity in the field of dietetics, revealed a pattern in the influence of a certain color background on the human body depending on the blood group. According to the scientist’s development, it is the attitude of blood to a certain group that greatly affects the life line of the person. And it should be relied on, choosing both the composition of food and the stones with which a person has contact every day.

If you want this or that mineral to become not only a great addition to your style, but also to help with its energy, it is worth paying attention to this method. This is a new and very interesting trend in the world of stones, which by its attention quickly gained credibility among other methods of selection of minerals.


First blood type.

It is believed that the first blood group has the oldest origin and all other groups are as if derived from it. It is the most common and it has about one third of the population of our planet. According to scientific research in the field of psychology, people with the first blood group are natural leaders who lead progress and development on Earth. Therefore, the main features of such people – activity, self-sufficiency, willpower, desire to lead, craving for primacy and management. It is also interesting that representatives of the first blood group are called “hunters” because their food and immune systems are strong enough and metabolism is active.

But, in addition to the dominant positions of life, there are weaknesses for them. Such people are difficult to get used to new conditions and changes. And in such cases, the energy of jewelry with natural stones will help to balance disharmony and cope in difficult situations. People who have the first blood group are well influenced by minerals with a warm spectrum of color range. It includes shades that range from yellow-orange to red and magenta tones. These stones include pink pearls, tourmaline, pomegranate, rhodonite, coral and ruby.

If you have unnecessarily developed leadership with the resulting qualities, such as power and cruelty, then look closely at the decorations with minerals of delicate shades, such as tourmaline and pearls. Also in this case, exclude the presence of ruby in your life, because this stone can only strengthen them.

What stones fit people with the fourth blood group

The second blood group.

In the process of cultural development, as well as under the influence of natural processes, people who lead an active nomadic way of life, which is typical of the type of “hunters”, began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why they were called “farmers.” Naturopaths believe that this is when people with the second blood group appeared. Research has now found that it is present in about 37 per cent of the world’s population. The main features of such people, which were highlighted by specialists, stem from their way of life, which is inherent in the “farmer.” It is organization, rationality, permanence, thoroughness, sociability, sociability. Unlike the first blood group, people from the second have a good adaptation to environmental innovations.

When choosing jewelry with natural gems, people with a second blood group should pay attention to those that their energy has a beneficial effect on improving life processes and the development of mental activity. After all, “farmers” by their nature have a sensitive nervous system and a little inertness.

To activate the life processes and activities of the mind, people with the second blood group are recommended interaction with stones of blue and green colors. This group of minerals includes azure, jade, emerald, sapphire, snake eye, onyx, turquoise, ash, opal or topaz.

The third blood group.

If we follow the history of human development and the emergence of new blood species in accordance with human activity, it can be traced that the third group occurred as a result of racial migrations. This type of people is called “nomad” or “wanderer.” Currently, this blood group has about 20 percent of the world’s population. They have such character properties as creativity and creation, activity and attraction to the new. Such people are the owners of a flexible thought process.

Representatives of the third blood group are offered different recommendations when choosing jewelry with minerals:

to develop and maintain physiological and mental processes at the right level – stones of red and orange shades;
To harmonize the nervous system – minerals of green and blue colors;
to soothe, enhance mood and to activate reflection and positivity from memories – purple gems.

The fourth blood group.

The fourth group is the rarest blood type, which occurs in only 10 percent of the world’s population. It happened later than anyone else. That is why there is an opinion that these people, despite all the flexibility of the nervous and immune systems, as well as with all their harmony in psychological terms, are still susceptible to various influences from outside and diseases.

Representatives of the fourth blood group are endowed with such qualities as openness, creativity, mystery and dreaminess. This type is sometimes called “mystery.”

As for jewelry with minerals, the recommendations are the same as those of the second blood group. That is, ideal for them will be stones of blue and green shades.

Interesting subtleties of combinations.

In addition to stones that have an impact on humans, as well as a particularly important influence are alloys, from which jewelry is made. It is generally accepted that the presence of gold in accessories brings goodness to people kind, attentive, open.

If the decoration was purchased through shenanigans or other bad way, remember that the decoration will not only lose its magical power, but also bring sorrows and tribulations. Silver in the products will have a beneficial effect on the emotional background of the person.

There is also a belief that there are a lucky number of stones in the jewelry that you put on. For example, wear 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and beware of numbers 8 and 13. Also pay attention when choosing a decoration with a stone on its transparency. The cleaner the mineral, the stronger its properties.

Stones are divided into men’s and women’s. On yin and yang. Stones with male energy have the power of such elements as fire and air. Men’s stones are considered opaque stones, saturated with a warm color spectrum. The minerals of women’s nature are filled with cold shades. They carry the energy of water and land.

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